Miss Suomi 2019 Meet the Delegates

05 Sep 2019 | Gayatri Poswal

Miss Suomi 2019 aka Miss Finland 2019 will be announced at the coronation night to be held on 28th September 2019, where various delegates from all around the country will compete for the national crown and the opportunity to represent the country in Miss Universe 2019, Miss World 2019 and Miss International 2019.

Miss Universe Finland 2019 Alina Voronkova, Miss World Finland 2019 Jenny Lappalainen and Miss International Finland 2019 Eevi Ihalainen will crown their successors at the conclusion of the finale. Since the finale of the pageant is approaching nearby, the organization has revealed the contestants who will vie for the national crown this year. So, without any further ado, let’s look at the beauti3es competing in this year’s edition –


Miss Suomi 2019 Meet the Delegates

(Photo Credits: Miss Suomi Official)

Riikka Uusitalo

Laura Lahtinen

Sonja Länsivuori

Riina Salokorpi

Anni Harjunpää

Emmi Suuronen

Jutta Kyllönen

Elisa Karimo

Aino Aaltonen

Katariina Juselius

Last year, Alina Voronkova represented the country at Miss Universe 2018 but failed to win any of the positions in the finale. Therefore, the new queen will comepte in Miss Universe 2019 pageant with ample number of hopes as the country won the first ever Miss Universe crown in the year 1952 and once in the year 1975.

Do you think, will the country secure a notable spot in the international finale this year as well? Wishing good luck to all the beauties for their stint in the national finale.