Miss Supranational 2019 Final Top 10 Hot Picks

03 Dec 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Supranational 2019 is just three days away from its grand coronation night as the finale will be held on 6th December 2019 in Poland where seventy-seven contestants will compete for the coveted Miss Supranational crown. Miss Supranational 2018 Valeria Vasquez of Puerto Rico will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

While all the delegates have shown tremendous potential, there are a few contestants who have stood out with their elegance, stunning beauty and their intelligence. So, without further ado, lets take a look at our final Top 10 favourite contestants competing for Miss Supranational 2019 –

Yaiselle Lucia Tous Tejada Miss Supranational Colombia 2019

The 22-year-old Colombian beauty Yaiselle Lucia Tous Tejada has been giving an incredible performance in Miss Supranational 2019. Yaiselle is a psychologist and a full-time model. She is a very career-oriented person and works very hard to achieve every goal in her life. With her experience and her stunning beauty, Yaiselle has definitely made her mark. Click here to read more about her.



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Shefali Sood Miss Supranational India 2019

Shefali Sood, the representative of India, has also proven to be a front-runner in the competition with her grace and beauty. Shefali has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at Amity University. An epitome of elegance, grace and beauty, Shefali is another contestant to look out for. Click here to read more about her.



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Jesica Fitriana Martasari Miss Supranational Indonesia 2019

Jesica Fitriana Martasari, the official representative of Indonesia, is also a strong contender for the crown. The stunning Indonesian beauty is 24 years of age and stands 170 cm tall. She is a social person who is working with children affected by the HIV/Aids virus since 2018 and hopes to establish her own foundation to help young people in need. A fierce competitor, Jesica is the one to look out for at Miss Supranational. Click here to read more about her.



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Dariana Giselle Urista Soto Miss Supranational Mexico 2019

Dariana Giselle Urista Soto, the 20-year-old stunning beauty, is currently a student of Nutritional Sciences and Gastronomy. A diva with a golden heart, Dariana has been performing so well in the competition. She won the National Costume Competition held a few days ago showing that she is in the contest to win it. Click here to read more about her.



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Nathalie Yasmin Mogbelzada Miss Supranational Netherlands 2019

Nathalie Yasmin Mogbelzada, 21-year-old Dutch beauty, has also proven to be a strong competition at Miss Supranational. The stunning beauty won the title of Miss Elegance proving she is to be taken seriously for the crown. She fluently speaks English, Dutch and Chinese. Click here to read more about her.



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Krysthelle Barretto Miss Supranational Panama 2019

Krysthelle Barretto, a 24-year-old beauty has studied Fashion Design and Marketing at USMA - Universidad Católica Santa María La Antigua de Panamá. With all the experience she holds in the pageantry and her stunning beauty, Krysthelle will be a strong competition as well. Click here to read more about her.



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Resham Ramirez Saeed Miss Supranational Philippines 2019

The 25-year-old Resham Ramirez Saeed is another strong contender for the international crown. A fierce, strong, independent woman, Resham is proud of her Pakistani-Filipino heritage and being one of the first Muslim Filipinos to represent her country on the international pageant stage. A one of a kind woman, Resham is surely a front-runner for the crown. Click here to read more about her.




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Kamila Swierc Miss Supranational Poland 2019

Kamila Swierc is 20 years of age and stands 178 cm tall. The official representative of Poland has also charmed everyone with her impeccable style and stunning beauty. She is also not new to the pageantry and surely will be a strong competition with her experience and intelligence. Click here to read more about her.



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Shanitah Umunyana Miss Supranational Rwanda 2019

Shanitah Umunyana, the official representative of Rwanda, has also shown tremendous potential for the Miss Supranational 2019 crown. She is 20 years of age and an experienced pageant beauty queen. With her hardwork and sincerity, Shanitah will be a tough competition to beat. Click here to read more about her.




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Anntonia Porsild Miss Supranational Thailand 2019

Anntonia Porsild is 25 years of age and the official representative of Thailand in Miss Supranational 2019. The Thai-Danish beauty has also shown immense capability to win the coveted crown. She advocates body positivity and has helped millions of people. The Thai beauty is surely a strong competition. Click here to read more about her.




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