Nepal’s Anushka Shrestha represents Asia at the House of Lords

03 Dec 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss World 2019 commenced a few days ago as the delegates arrived in London, UK for this year’s edition and to fight for the coveted Miss World crown. Miss World Nepal 2019 Anushka Shrestha, with the same dream in her heart, came to London and has won over everyone’s hearts since then with her charisma and positive personality.

After speaking at the esteemed Oxford University at a debate titled ‘Beauty with a Purpose’, Anushka made a special fanbase for herself with her intelligence and eloquence. This was not all as she was again provided with the prestigious opportunity to be a speaker at the House of Lords, one of the Houses of Parliament in United Kingdom. She represented the Asian delegates at the event and impressed everyone with her voice.



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Anushka also took to her official social media to reveal her emotions in a post captioned, “Today we took a cruise on the river Thames to get to the House of The Lords, which is the Parliament of the UK. We were hosted by Baroness Floella Benjamin, Senior Speaker of the Parliament and to say we were inspired would be an understatement. I also had the opportunity to speak on behalf of the continent of Asia to share our experience so far and to thank our kind hosts.”

The day was full of energizing conversations, and I am looking forward to the collaborating with my fellow representatives for our projects! The atmosphere out here is full of encouragement and positivity. Miss World I realize truly is a not only competition, it is rather a celebration of ambassadorship. Thank you, MW, so proud and glad that we get to be a part of this family”, she said.


Nepal’s Anushka Shrestha represents Asia at the House of Lords


An intellectual beauty queen, Anushka has followed in her predecessor’s footsteps with sincerity and dedication and has successfully managed to make a mark at the ongoing Miss World competition. She thanked the hosts for a successful competition so far and shared her experience on the behalf of the Asian delegates.

Not just appreciated by the fans, Anushka is also a favourite amongst her fellow contestants. She was widely appreciated by England’s Bhasha Mukherjee, South Africa’s Sasha Olivier-Lee and Indonesia’s Princess for her eloquence at the recent debate they went to. This proves that Anushka will be a strong competition for the ladies for the Miss World 2019 crown.


Nepal’s Anushka Shrestha represents Asia at the House of Lords


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