Miss World 2019 delegates incredible performance in Head to Head challenge (Group 13)

03 Dec 2019 | Abigail Henry

Miss World 2019 coronation night is coming closer and the stunning divas are making their full efforts to mark their stint in the finale. The finalists of different groups of the Head to Head Challenge, as they are administrating their different projects related to their ‘Beauty with a Purpose’, the divas are confidently moving forward with their best pursuance in the challenge.  They are well firmed and steady as they answer the question given to them with utmost grace and confidence.

The session for Group 13 of Miss World 2019 in head to head challenge was held on 2nd December 2019 in London itself where the six divas of the thirteenth group namely Georgia, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, Guinea Bissau, El Salvador and Australia gave some stellar answers to the questions given to them. It showed their best prudency and the level of confidence the divas are carrying.

This year as the beauties looks absolutely amazing in their performances, they are presented by reigning 2018 Miss World Vanessa Ponce de Leon in the Head to Head Challenge provided with their exclusive and in-depth look of their works and activities. Their introduction videos of all the six divas were played first and then the reigning beauty Vanessa, decided to chat with the girls in order to get to know them as well as their ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ projects.


Miss World 2019 delegates incredible performance in Head to Head challenge (Group 13)


Miss World Georgia 2019 Nini Gogichaishvili

The diva talked about her passion for chess and how Georgia is a country with great women chess champions as well as world’s chess champions. The diva described her country as the most beautiful place with beautiful people with hospitality and love. She, then shares about her BWAP project which revolves around health and education. The diva talked about the children and people who suffers from many diseases and at the same time there are also children who lacks education. The diva considers this as an important issue and wants to work on it while she is still on this project and working hard to provide with the conditions to these children as she also feels that they are the ones, on whom our future is based on.

Miss World Puerto Rico 2019 Daniella Rodríguez Laureano

Daniella shared about her BWAP project, which is focused on pediatric cancer patients, because the diva herself was a cancer survivor. At 6 years of age, they were living in Italy due to her father’s job and her mom as she used to take the children to the doctors for an annual checkup, so then Danielle was diagnosed with tumor in her kidney. Her aim is to share her story with the other cancer patients, in order to give them hope and to see them being a little motivated by just hearing one story. With this, she thought she could do more, and then the diva worked with different entities in Puerto Rico, to help these patients, to give them free services and to their caregivers as well. The diva also joined forces to the new hospital that is going to be built by year 2023, which will be called as ‘Stevens Anthony children hospital’ and the great thing about this hospital, according to the diva is that, its going to be built in the south as there are only 3 hospitals which are located in the north side of Puerto Rico. And by this hospital the biggest necessity which is of the cancer patients in the South would also be fulfilled. With this, the diva also created a book which she has never thought of. It’s ‘30 reflection phases’ for one month for the cancer patients; a genuine gift from the diva to them. Its for the patients to at least read one phrase in one day and reflect on it.

Miss World Slovakia 2019 Frederika Kurtulíková

The diva has been a model for 8 years, which wasn’t really her dream, her dream was to become a psychologist. But when she was 15 or 16 years of age, the diva thought of visiting an agency, in order to see and seek information about modelling. And when she got to know about it, then she was easily drawn to it and thought it would be exciting working as a model. The diva started working as a model when she was 17 years of age and she experienced a lot in this phase. It was a challenge for her as she did not know the language of English and then eventually, she learnt it by herself. The beauty learned a lot from it and experienced as well. The diva then shared about her BWAP project, which focuses on children. She supported many organizations but more importantly, she is focusing on orphans as she also had a relatable story of her grandmother being in an orphanage and running away from it at the age of 10. The diva was also inspired by Angelina Jolie who adopted a child once. So, she decided to work on the orphan children and she visited many orphanages, and saw them being fulfilled with the materialistic needs but she feels there is more to it as they also need attention, care and love.


Miss World 2019 delegates incredible performance in Head to Head challenge (Group 13)


Miss World Guinea-Bissau 2019 Leila Samati

The diva shared about her mother and the salon in which she worked with her. Laila shared her experience which was really beautiful for her. Then the diva shared about her BWAP project, which revolves around children’s education and how they lack behind that in her own country. The diva wants to work on this issue and her aim is to provide these children with the necessities for an education. She went to Guinea-Bissau to help these children and share with them the materials to study. Her dream is to open a library and her ultimate goal after it is to do that.

Miss World El Salvador 2019 Fátima Mangandi

The diva was asked about her passions which she then described it as she said that she was mostly passionate about her career because she decided to study about communication as it makes her feel different and more creative, and confident as well while she speaks different languages. The diva then shared about her BWAP project which focuses in the people going through the violence and poverty and discrimination in her country. So, the diva decided to work for these people and to provide them with food and security and also most importantly with education. Diva’s strong believe is that the education is the only way to reduce poverty in one’s country.

Miss World Australia 2019 Sarah Marschke

The diva shared about her sporting journey which revolved around her life in the most ways. The diva is a rugby player and she dreamt of being a professional player, representing her country. The diva was criticized for it but she made it after all. She was also criticized for being Australia’s representative in Miss World 2019. Nobody believed in her that she would also be able to do that in her life, and after all she did it and was grateful as well as happy for the moment when she was crowned. The diva then shared about her BWAP project which is based with young indigenous Icelanders from Australia, who live in remain communities which does not believe in secondary schooling. So, the diva has partnered up with organizations which helps to give the young women a free accommodation and also will be provided with well education.


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