Meet Miss Supranational Canada 2019 Gloren Guelos

31 Jul 2019 | Gayatri Poswal

Miss Supranational 2019 will be the 11th edition of Miss Supranational pageant, which will be hosted in Poland, where various national delegates from across the globe will compete for the national crown. For the finale, the countries have already begun to crown/appoint their best representatives who will perform with poise to win the prestigious crown for their respective countries. Miss Supranational 2018 Valeria Vázquez will crown her successor at the conclusion of the finale.



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Canada will send Gloren Guelos as the country’s representative to Miss Supranational 2019 as she has been recently crowned Miss Supranational Canada 2019 at the coronation night of Miss World Canada 2019 held on 27th July 2019. She succeeds Miss Supranational Canada 2018 Alyssa Boston.

Gloren was overwhelmed with extreme happiness when she heard her name being announced as Miss Supranational Canada 2019 and with her excitement and happiness, she uploaded a post which showcased her feelings beautifully.



Where do I begin... ? ? My first national pageant at Miss Universe Canada 2018 taught me courage. Placing top 20 out of many strong and confident women made me feel proud because that showed me there’s possibility for “something” one day. I remember feeling nervous when I was hoping for my name to get called for top 10. But it didn’t. I remember staring at that bright light, while still keeping a big smile on my face. I immediately prayed “I hope that mom is okay..” but just before I exited the stage, I heard a voice saying, “go for the World” - the thought stayed on my mind for the next 48 hours. I was hesitant at first because there were some people who didn’t believe in me as a MUC delegate and looked at me as unqualified. Despite of that fear, my faith still prevailed. ? ? Trusting that clear voice in my head, I looked up Miss World Canada the same night without telling anyone. I asked my good friend Tara a few days later.. “is it too early to join?” she encouraged to follow my heart. I told mom and she said “Suuuuure, go for it! Fight fight!” Told Janvier and he said “whatever makes you happy, will make me happy” and my bestie, Ten who always cheers on my crazy big dreams ?? ? ? Since August, my goal was to fully glow internally so I can radiate that light to everyone I come across with. I worked on my fitness, I challenged myself in public speaking, I spent more time with myself and I pursued careers that I never thought I could do at such a young age.. I just kept taking as many leaps of faith as I can because I wanted to give that positive fulfillment to myself. ? ? That voice in my head, which I believe came from Jesus, brought me here today. I trusted him in every part of my life. From my triumphs and trials, I continued to believe.? ? He may not have given me the World, but I know he’s placing me in a #Supra amazing journey. As the first runner up for Miss World Canada 2019, and to be given the Miss Supranational Canada 2019 title, I now FULLY understand the meaning of “perseverance.” ? ? This is only the beginning and I can’t wait to experience this exciting chapter of ours ???????? ? Thank you @missworldcnd ???? @darrenleesuperstar

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The beauty is no stranger to pageantry as earlier she competed in Miss Universe Canada 2018 where she ended up being placed in the Top 20. If she manages to secure the international crown, she will get a great opportunity to advocate United Way which fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community and The Joy Smith Foundation which works on eradicating human trafficking in Canada through education-based prevention programs and survivor care.

Wishing heartiest congratulations to the beauty and we hope that she manages to secure a spot in the finale so that she promotes her advocacies well!