Miss Teen USA 2019 Top 5 Question and Answer Round

29 Apr 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

At the grand coronation night of Miss Teen USA 2019 held tonight at the Grand Sierra Resort's Grand Theatre, Reno in Nevada, Kaliegh Garris of Connecticut was crowned the new queen. Fifty one contestants battled it out in the preliminaries from where fifteen moved forward in the competition. Out of the 15, only five gorgeous ladies made it to the Top as they answered gruelling questions by the panel of jury in the most important part of the competition – the Q/A round.


Miss Teen USA 2019 Question and Answer Round

(Photo Credit: Miss USA Facebook/Instagram Official)

After careful analysis and listening to the Top 5 contestants, the judges formed their decision and we could not be any happier. The teen beauties not only proved that they had the beauty but also showed their intelligence, awareness and empathy through their answers. So, without further ado, here is the question and answer round highlight of the competition –

Kaylee Brooke McCollum of Mississippi

Q – Seven in Ten teens say anxiety and depression are major problems among their peers. Why do these issues seem to be impacting your generation at a higher rate than any other previous generation?

A – My Platform is ‘You Matter’ and it’s about suicide. One of my friends killed himself before my state crowning and it really brought my attention to this and it really is a big deal in today’s society because people think it’s okay to judge you but there’s only one you, god made you this way and you got to live your life to the fullest.

Caitlyn Vogel of North Dakota

Q – American’s owe more than 1.5 trillion dollars in student loan debt. Do you agree with Senator Elizabeth Warrens plan to cancel the due set debt for some Americans. Why or why not?

A – As a college student, I do see both sides of it. College is very expensive but there are a lot of people out there who want to help you. My first full year of college, I had to pay less than 500 dollars solely on academic and community scholarships. So I do feel like if you take time to fill out those scholarships, you can make college work.


Miss Teen USA 2019 Top 5 Question and Answer Round


Erica Yvette Bonilla of Nevada

Q – Mayor Pete Buttigieg has suggested that 18-year-olds spend one year in National service as a way to raise engagements. Do you think community service should be mandatory?

A – I definitely think community service is definitely important and especially in a teenager’s lives. I personally have participated in different programs across Las Vegas. I have also started my own program for education so I definitely think it’s important for us to advocate for community service because it teaches you a variety of programs and lessons.

Kaliegh Garris of Connecticut

Q – A survey of US teens spelled that 61% of high schools boys believe having a lot of money is important compared to just 41% of girls. Why do you think young women appear to be less motivated by money?

A – I would they because they have the confidence in themselves to know that they are enough. They know that no matter how much money they have, they are successful being themselves and that no matter who they talk to, what experiences they have, what jobs they have, they are still successful and empowered in themselves.

Kalin Burt of Alabama

Q – Despite the political division in the country, a 2018 survey said that a majority of Americans say democracy is working well in United States. Do you think our current political system is working or not working and why?

A – I do think that our current political system is working just because our economy is honestly the greatest that its ever been and that’s a fact, so thank you!