Miss Tourism International 2020 Final Hot Picks

08 Jan 2021 | Ana Walia

Miss Tourism International 2020/2021, the 23rd edition of the international pageant, is all set to be held on 17th January 2021 at 8.00pm (MYT) where stunning beauties from all over the world will compete for the international crown. The winner will succeed Miss Tourism International 2019 Cyrille Payumo from Philippines.

The final will be broadcasted live on Miss Tourism International Facebook page as there will be online judging in the wake of covid-19. This year’s batch boasts of stunning ladies who have come prepared to give a strong competition to each other to win the international crown. We’ve selected our top ten favourites who we think have the potential to win the title. Let’s look at the favourites for Miss Tourism International 2020:

Miss Tourism International Thailand 2020 Patchaploy Rueandaloung

Patchaploy Rueandaloung is 25-years-old and stands 170 cm tall and has earned her bachelor’s degree from Eastern Asia University. She was adjudged as the second runner-up at Miss Grand Thailand 2020 and had impressed everyone with her strong and confident performance. She is focused, determined, and assured that she will be able to perform her best at the competition and win the title for her country.



Miss Tourism International Philippines 2020 Kathie Lee Berco

Kathie Lee Berco is 20-years-old and stands 168 cm tall and is a Political Science student of San Sebastian College, Manila. She has learned the value of leadership and how it should be properly executed by the authorities to create a conducive living and working environment for all. She also believes that technology and human efforts together can help eradicate major issues globally such as poverty, disease, and environment degradation.



Miss Tourism International Indonesia 2020 Clarita Mawarni Salem

Clarita Mawarni Salem is 19-years-old and is a confident, strong woman who believes that with her strong performance, she can win the title for Indonesia. She impressed everyone with her performance previously and is proud of how far she has come. She mentioned, “Be proud of who you are and not ashamed of how someone else sees you.”  She can be one of the strong contenders at the competition.



Miss Tourism International Czech Republic 2020 Tereza Bohuslavova

Tereza Bohuslavova is 24-years-old and stands 174 cm tall and is one of the contenders at the competition who has showcased immense dedication and determination towards winning the title and making the people of Czech Republic proud. She impressed everyone with her performance at Miss Czech Republic 2018 and was adjudged as the I. Vice Miss and is expected to perform with same enthusiasm and dedication.



Miss Tourism International Canada 2020 Arshdeep Purba

Arshdeep Purba is 23-years-old and feels honoured to represent Canada at Miss Tourism International 2020. She is an actress, model, and works on projects that brings awareness to the social issues and the stories that are unheard. She is strong, determined, and focused towards winning the title and believes that with her platform she can inspire young people to find their purpose and follow it.



Miss Tourism International Cambodia 2020 Chhun Raksa

Chhun Raksa is 21-years -old and is a University student studying General Medicine. She works as a freelance model in Cambodia along with studying and working hard towards her goals. She feels that if an individual dares to dream, they should dare to work hard and make them come true as well. She is a strong, confident, and determined woman who was highly appreciated for her communication skills and the way she carried herself with confidence and elegance at the finale of Miss Universe Cambodia 2020. She could be a strong contender at the Miss Tourism International 2020 stage.



Miss Tourism International Australia 2020 Kate Moore

Kate Moore is 21-years-old and is an aspiring actress who is dedicated and determined towards her goals in life. She wants to use the platform to its fullest potential to make her way towards the top. She is interested in fashion as she believes that styling is one of the essential ways through which people can express themselves. She is confident and speaks with full assurance and a big smile on her face. She can be a front runner at the competition.



Miss Tourism International South Africa 2020 Asande Mchunu

Asande Mchunu is 21-years-old and feels blessed and thrilled to be able to represent South Africa at Miss Tourism International 2020. She is positive and hopeful with the opportunities the competition will bring in for her and be a stepping stone for her future. She wants to use the platform to it’s fullest potential and perform her best on-stage. Strong, powerful, and determined woman are a few words one can use to describe Asande.



Miss Tourism International Macedonia 2020 Biljana Janevska

“The only good thing that could happen to me in 2020 is that I will represent Macedonia at ‘Miss Tourism International’. This feeling is indescribable," Biljana Janevska said after learning she would be a Macedonian representative. For someone who has dreamt to be able to represent their country on an international stage, being a representative is an honour and that’s how Biljana feels. She is determined, focused, and grateful that she has a platform to showcase her potential.



Miss Tourism International Honduras 2020 Abisag Sunamita Aguilar Ramirez

Abisag Sunamita Aguilar Ramirez is 21-years-old and combines modelling with her work at the Honduras Energy Company (EEH), and is also a student of the Electrical Engineering career at the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH). She considers that the experience has been enriching because it has helped her to know herself, to face new challenges and to discover a side that she did not know. She is determined that she will perform her best and make the people of Honduras proud.