Marima Suphatra Kliangprom of Thailand crowned Miss Tourism International 2022/23

28 Nov 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

The 25th edition of Miss Tourism International, was held at RAIA Hotel on 25th November 2022 where Marima Suphatra Kliangprom of Thailand was crowned Miss Tourism International 2022/23. The 25th anniversary edition was themed ‘Promoting Tourism, Culture, and Friendship’.

Marima Suphatra Kliangprom gave a stellar performance at the competition. Not new to the pageantry, competed at Miss Grand Thailand 2022 and was adjudged fourth runner-up at the end of the event finale. She also holds the regional titles of Miss Grand Phrae 2021, Miss Grand Krungthepmahanakorn 2020. In addition to the prestigious title, Marima also took home a crown, sash and trophy, as well as a cash prize of RM10,000. The delegates took part in a 16-day promotional tour of various tourist destinations, including Bau and Lundu, before the winners were crowned at the finale.



At the finale, the following titles were also presented along with the coronation of the winner –

Miss Tourism Queen of The Year International 2022/23 – Laura Zabaleta of Venezuela

Miss Tourism Metropolitan International 2022/23 – Angelica C. Pantaliano of Philippines

Miss Tourism Global 2022/23 – Crystal Huang Ruojia of Singapore

Miss Tourism Cosmopolitan International 2022/23 – Alysa Cook of USA

Dreamgirl of The Year International 2022/23 – Abigail Curd of New Zealand

Miss South East Asia Tourism Ambassadress 2022/23 – Phoebe Ong Yi Huui of Malaysia



There were 40 contestants vying for the international crown, but only 10 countries made it to the final including Marima Suphatra Kliangprom of Thailand, Gabriella Oxley of Australia, Phoebe Ong of Malaysia, Crystal Huang of Singapore, Alysa Cook of the United States, Abigail Curd of New Zealand, Ndahiro Megane of Burundi, Laura Zabaleta of Venezuela, Maria Angelica Pantaliano of the Philippines, and Raskina Sofia of Russia.

Along with the main titles winners, a number of subsidiary titles were also given out at the finale - Nguyen Thi Nga of Vietnam won the Best in National Costume award, Sydney Nabulya Kavuma of Uganda won the Best in Talent award, Maria Angelica Pantaliano of Philippines won Miss Photogenic, Milana Mosharova of Kazakhstan won Miss Charm, Raskina Sofia of Russia was awarded Best in Cat’s Portrait, Suphatra Kliangprom of Thailand was awarded Best in Social Media, Crystal Huang Ruojia of Singapore won Miss Nuzezo Glamour, Yuka Oyama of Japan won Miss Friendship and Park Sea of Korea won Miss Popularity.