Olivia Jordan Miss USA 2015 “Alzheimer’s: It’s a women’s issue”

15 Jun 2016 | Angelopedia

Miss USA 2015, the beauty queen of the USA who recently passed on her crown and responsibilities to her successor Deshauna Barber, will talk about Alzheimer’s Advocacy during her June 23 presentation at Senior Star at Weber Place in Romeoville. “Alzheimer’s: It’s a women’s issue”, says Jordan.

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Alzheimer’s affects women more often than men for two reasons,” Jordan said. “Genetically, women have been diagnosed with it more. And women live longer so they have a better likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s. Also, women are often caregivers for those diagnosed with it and many times have to quit their jobs and become full-time, stay-at-home caregivers for parents or spouses or other members of their family.

Olivia shared that she first became aware about the need for empowerment and advocacy from her father, Bob Thomas.  Jordan’s father along with his twin brother is the co-founder and co-owner of 14 Senior Star living communities in the United States.


Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan will talk about Alzheimers advocacy in Romeoville


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Olivia Jordan is not just beautiful from outside but also from inside. The beauty queen has a heart of gold and knows what to say and when to say. The beauty queen oozing with poise and elegance faced a controversy regarding her age. Olivia was 26 when she got crowned. As the beauty turned 27 post her crowning, Olivia grabbed some flacks for her age. But Jordan’s response only proved that she is a true beauty queen who is also strongly opinionated. Her response to all the hate messages was...

 “For all those that tell me I'm "too old" to be Miss Universe or even to hold my current title as Miss USA, please clarify what you mean by that...

Do you mean I'm too old to advocate for important global causes like Child Sex trafficking or HIV/AIDS? To lobby in DC for Ovarian Cancer? To hold my own on CNN and turn a conversation from negativity towards pageantry into advocacy for the Alzheimer's Association? Or is it that I'm too old to visit schools with the message to work hard and be nice to others? Am I too old to inspire others to be confident in their own skin? Or too old to inspire everyone to follow their wildest dreams no matter how many times they fail along the way? Or is it that your view of beauty is so limited that it somehow expires before the ripe age of 27? Or even worse, is your ageism an undertone of your outdated sexism and you feel that my career aspirations have a time limit so I can focus on other things like getting married and pregnant? If you are going to judge me for my age, at least attempt to give a valid argument why you have decided that my dreams should have an expiration date.”

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