Miss USA 2020 Final Hot Picks

24 Sep 2020 | Ana Walia

The 69th edition of Miss USA beauty pageant i.e. Miss USA 2020, is going to be held on 9th November 2020 at Memphis at 8:00 p.m. EST. Cheslie Kryst of North Carolina, Miss USA 2019, will crown her successor who will go on to represent USA in Miss Universe 2020.

With finale is more than a month away, there are a few beauties who have already caught everyone’s attention with their stunning beauty and outstanding state performances. So, without further ado, here are the favorites for Miss USA 2020 crown –

Miss California USA 2020 Allyshia Gupta

Allyshia Gupta is representing the state of California at Miss USA 2020 stage and is 25-years-old. She has earned advance level qualifications with the highest honours in Philosophy of Religion and Science, Psychology and Business. She later returned to the United States and attended Auburn University where she graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Allyshia has always dreamt of competing at Miss Universe Organization, but was unable to until this year due to her immigration status. She is now a proud United States citizen living out her American dream by competing in the Miss USA competition and chasing a dream she waited eight years at a chance for. Growing up with a single mother who owned a business, Allyshia was inspired to one day become a female figure in business as well and is a founder of ‘Care to Create’; a non-profit organization that sells art to benefit specific causes. She is on a mission to raise awareness to ugly challenges through beautiful paintings and has urged all her followers and friends to pain the world in bright colours to make it a beautiful place to live.


Miss California USA 2020 Allyshia Gupta


Miss Colorado USA 2020 Emily DeMure

Emily DeMure is representing the state of Colorado at Miss USA 2020 stage and is 22-years-old. She is a senior on the Division-I volleyball team at The University of Colorado Boulder. She played on the USA Women's Junior National A1 volleyball team, was on the CU Athletic Director's Honour roll nine times, was a PAC-12 Academic All-American mention in 2018, and was a 2019 PAC-12 Conference Academic Honor Roll recipient. She's the head coach of a youth volleyball team and Team IMPACT Ambassador for chronically ill children. Emily's hopes to be the first female head coach to both the USA National and Olympic Volleyball teams and to operate an Olympic-certified training facility in a male-dominated field. She believes in the mindset that speaks “Seek first to understand, seek next to be understood.” She feels that she can be a very strong and passionate role model to women who tirelessly & relentlessly want to pursue their dreams and ambitions. Emily enjoys hiking, healthy baking, yoga, coaching her youth Volleyball team and serving at Flatirons Community Church.


Miss Colorado USA 2020 Emily DeMure


Miss District of Columbia USA 2020 Cierra Jackson

Cierra Jackson is representing the District of Columbia at the Miss USA 2020 stage and is 28-years-old. The diva is a proud alumna of two women’s colleges, Spelman College and Yale University’s Women’s Campaign School and is the fourth of, now, eight women in her family to attend Spelman College. She is also an accomplished singer who has not only worked in the White House, but has performed there too. Cierra, who has also served as a TV host, has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Essence, People and on First Lady Obama’s Instagram and service campaigns. Cierra has also served as an ambassador for two non-profits, ‘Running Start’ and ‘She Should Run’, where she encouraged and trained young women from all over the nation to run for political office. As Miss USA, Cierra hopes to redefine what it means to look like a politician, not just for herself, but for all women and to encourage them to lead in their communities with a servant’s heart.


Miss District of Columbia 2020 Cierra Jackson


Miss Illinois USA 2020 Olivia Pura

Olivia Pura is representing the state of Illinois at the Miss USA 2020 stage and is 22-years-old. She graduated with honours in biochemistry and Slavic languages and will soon begin the Biochemistry & Biophysics Ph.D. program at the University of Chicago, bringing her one step closer to her dream of becoming a professor. She is of Polish-American decent and is very proud of it. She is passionate for health and wellness. She understands how much the women should advocate for their inclusion and equality in STEM fields. Taking inspiration from her own life, Olivia wants to be role model and hopes to serve as an inspiration for others. She created the ‘Blanket Buddies Project fundraiser’ which raised $3,500, enough money to provide over 300 hand-tied blankets for paediatric cancer patients in Illinois!


Miss Illinois 2020 Olivia Pura


Miss Nebraska USA 2020 Megan Swanson

Megan Swanson is representing the state of Nebraska at Miss USA 2020 stage and is 27-years-old. She is the CEO of a female empowerment organization, “The Powerhouse Project,” operating in thirty states who is magna cum laude graduate of Belmont University’s Commercial Music - Voice Program with a minor in Music Business. Megan serves as an ambassador for Gallup, helping students discover their unique set of strengths. She continues to champion for women by working alongside RISE, where she speaks in prisons to help women develop the skills needed for a thriving life after incarceration. Megan also enjoys her time as a decorated songwriter with over 100,000 Spotify spins online and has mentioned, “I have been honoured to interview some of the world’s most prolific women on my podcast.”


Miss Nebraska 2020 Megan Swanson


Miss New York USA 2020 Andreia Gibau

Andreia Gibau is representing the state of New York at Miss USA 2020 stage and is 25-years-old. She is a speaker, writer, and philanthropist who graduated from St. John’s University with a degree in public relations. She was named Phoenix Magazine's 30 under 30 for philanthropy and speaks four languages, which has been a beneficial asset since she’s an avid traveller. Through her initiative, "More Than Enough," she serves as an advocate for inner city and underprivileged kids by instilling confidence and empowering them to live life to their full potential despite their circumstances. Andreia explains, “Writing is such a release for me. I keep a journal that I use not only to jot down my daily thoughts and self-reflect, but also to combat anxiety and stress.”


Miss New York 2020 Andreia Gibau


Miss Pennsylvania USA 2020 Victoria Piekut

Victoria Piekut is representing the state of Pennsylvania at Miss USA 2020 stage and is 24-years-old. She has flourished as the President of her women’s fashion company, Wight Elephant Boutique. In 3 years, she has grown her online business, created in her dorm room, to multiple storefronts with 20 employees. She was honoured at the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and named one of Pittsburgh’s 50 Finest for her charitable efforts and contributions. Facing multiple health conditions in her youth, Victoria developed courage, determination, resilience, and the passion that she carries in all areas of her life. She is a classically trained opera singer who has won national and international talent awards for my performances.


Miss Pennsylvania 2020 Victoria Piekut


Miss Utah USA 2020 Rachel Slawson

Rachel Slawson is representing the state of Utah at Miss USA 2020 stage and is 25-years-old. She is making history as the first openly LGBTQ+ woman to compete at Miss USA. She is a public speaker for TedX and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and a Certified Crisis Counsellor. Through her transparent storytelling of lived experience with Bipolar Disorder, she is eradicating mental health stigma. She has taught English in India, modelled in Paris, learned Muay Thai in Thailand, provided healthcare in Kenya, and helped build an orphanage in Haiti. After winning Miss Utah USA, Rachel received national media recognition including CNN, Teen Vogue, and USA Today. She’s spoken about modern pageantry and mental health on Good Morning America, and was commissioned to write an article for the Independent about what pageantry means in 2020.


Miss Utah 2020 Rachel Slawson


Miss Maryland USA 2020 Taelyr Robinson

Taelyr Robinson is representing the state of Maryland at Miss USA 2020 and is 27-years-old. She has supported herself as a full-time model since the age of 17. As a child of parent suffering from addiction, Taelyr would like to advocate to youth the importance of breaking the cycle through decision making. She will use her past as an example to inspire young children that they can control their future through the choices they make on a day-to-day basis. She is a travel enthusiast who has visited almost 20 countries and created Europe’ first interactive art museum in Barcelona, Spain. She would like to own and operate museums in the U.S. and continue to create pop-ups in major cities around the world. She became an internationally certified yoga teacher while in Koh Phangan, Thailand.


Miss Maryland 2020 Taelyr Robinson


Miss Wyoming USA 2020 Katie Bozner

Katie Bozner is representing the state of Wyoming at Miss USA 2020 stage and is 25-years-old. She is a college graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. She is proud to have recently been accepted into Optometry School with goals to become an Optometric Physician specializing in paediatrics and visual therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury Patients. Katie is a survivor of two major car accidents involving semi-trucks. She has volunteered over 300 hours with children with cancer, and loves visiting the Children's Hospital and helping bring happiness to children who are seriously ill. In her free time, Katie enjoys traveling, modelling, staying fit by doing yoga and going for walks with her pug puppy, Petey. The diva got her license in scuba diving in the Dominican Republic.


Miss Wyoming 2020 Katie Bozner

(Photo Credits: Contestants Instagram/ Facebook Official)