R’Bonney Gabriel to bring home the ninth Miss Universe crown for USA after a decade?

09 Dec 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

R'Bonney Gabriel made history as she became the first Filipino American delegate to be crowned Miss USA 2022 on 3rd October 2022 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada. Gabriel is currently preparing for her Miss Universe 2022 stint and if she manages to win the Miss Universe 2022 crown, she will break the country’s 10-year drought of winning the crown. The last time USA won the Miss Universe crown was in 2012 when Olivia Culpo won the esteemed honour.

R'Bonney Gabriel is 28 years of age and a Harris County resident. She is also the first Asian American woman to represent Texas at Miss USA. Gabriel was born in San Antonio, Texas to a Filipino father Ramon Bonifacio ‘R'Bon’ Gabriel and an American mother Dana Walker. R'Bonney followed in her father’s footsteps and also graduated from college attending the University of North Texas. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fashion design with a minor in fibers.



Gabriel also runs her own independent clothing label out of Houston. The brand uses sustainable design methods and a combination of repurposed or natural fabrics in all its clothing. The brand uses garments which are mindfully created with experimental textures, embroideries, and unique handwork in order to reduce the amount of textile waste produced by each piece.

Gabriel is also a sewing teacher at Houston-based nonprofit Magpies and Peacocks, which reuses post-consumer clothing, scrap textiles, and accessories diverted from landfill to create sustainable clothing. Gabriel also plans to take her commitment to sustainable clothing to the next level.



The stunning beauty has the stunning looks, a confident demeanor and eloquence to perform well at the competition and win the crown for USA. Following in the footsteps of the last Miss Universe from USA, Olivia Culpo, Gabriel can definitely manage to win the esteemed crown for USA.