Miss Ukraine 2018 Veronika Didusenko has been dethroned

26 Sep 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss Ukraine 2018 Veronika Didusenko has been stripped of her title as the announcement came in from the officials of Miss Ukraine that the beauty queen violated the terms and conditions of the pageant by hiding relevant information about her marital status while competing for the pageant.

Veronika Didusenko was crowned on 20th September 2018 as she defeated twenty-four delegates to win the national crown. But she has been dethroned for lying about her personal life on her application.


Miss Ukraine 2018 Veronika Didusenko has been dethroned


As stated by the Organization, they wrote, “In connection with the violation of the conditions of the Treaty and the rules of conducting the National Beauty contest Miss Ukraine, Veronika Didusenko has been disqualified.”

The organization also explained that Veronika Didusenko, before applying for the competition, agreed with the rules Miss Ukraine. Also the contract signed by participants contains the information that she has concluded in accordance with the rules of conducting the National beauty contest.


Miss Ukraine 2018 Veronika Didusenko has been dethroned


In the terms of the Agreement, it is indicated that the participant clearly understands the conditions and consequences of its actions and the relevant provisions established by this Agreement and the Rules and undertakes to strictly adhere to the terms of the Agreement and the Rules. In accordance with the Rules for conducting the National Beauty Contest Miss Ukraine, a person who wishes to participate in the Miss Beauty Ukraine National Beauty contest must, among other things, comply with the following requirements (valid for the period of the Contest): - not / was not married; - has no children. The same requirements are indicated in the official form (OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM), which is contained in the unified rules and conditions of participation in Miss World contest 2018”, Miss Ukraine Organization wrote.

Veronica Didiusenko provided inaccurate information, confirming that she was not married and has no children and thus will not be representing the country in Miss World 2018 anymore. The beauty queen has shown strength in this difficult time as she thanked her followers for standing with her in her support during a difficult time.

Miss Ukraine has also decided to re-elect their official representative which will be held during the television broadcast of the beauty contest Miss Ukraine 2018 on Sunday, 30th September 2018 at 23:30 on the TV channel 1+1.