USA’s Maria Manzo for Miss United Continents 2019 crown?

19 Sep 2019 | Gayatri Poswal

Maria Manzo who was appointed as Miss Untied Continents USA 2019 is on her way to represent the country at the 14th edition of Miss United Continents i.e. Miss United Continents 2019 pageant to be held on 28th September 2019 in Ecuador, where various national delegates from across the globe will compete for the international crown.

This gorgeous diva currently resides inFresno, California. With her brilliance, she won everyone’s heart and earned the right to represent the country at Miss Untied Continents 2019. Her beautiful face shows a lot of confidence and her seriousness towards working for advocacy and achieving success.


USA’s Maria Manzo for Miss United Continents 2019 crown?


It took heaps of efforts and hard work from her end to get on that stage and get the super sturdy foothold and love from all to finally be crowned as a national titleholder.She seems to be a lively girl, who loves to be free in life with immense happiness.

This young scintillating beauty is not like other ordinary beauties but is an ambitious soul whose aims are even taller than the skyscrapers. Maria along with being witty and ambitious is also blessed with immense beauty with endearing facial features such as beautiful protruding eyes, perfectly peak arched eyebrows, Roman nose. With a perfect amalgamation of cupid bow and heart-shaped plumped lips, her overall beauty gets an add on to it.


USA’s Maria Manzo for Miss United Continents 2019 crown?


Maria is extremely excited to be an international representative of the USA at Miss United Continents 2019 and fulfilling her dream to do her bit for her nation. She has proven that she is a strong delegate and a fierce competitor with her discipline, hard work, dedication and wish to do better for the society.

Wishing her all the very best for the journey ahead!

What are your views? Will she bring Miss United Continents 2019 crown to the USA?