Marjory Patiño Lopez elected Miss United Continents Peru 2019

30 Aug 2019 | Gayatri Poswal

The 14th edition of Miss United Continents i.e. Miss United Continents 2019 will be held in Ecuador, where various national delegates from across the world will compete for the international crown. For the finale, the countries have begun to crown/appoint their best delegates who will perform with poise to win the prestigious crown for their respective countries. Miss United Continents 2018 Andrea Sáenz Castillo will crown her successor at the conclusion of the event finale.


Marjory Patiño Lopez elected Miss United Continents Peru 2019


Peru will send Marjory Patiño Lopez as the country’s representative to Miss United Continents 2019 as she has been recently appointed Miss United Continents Peru 2019. After being appointed, she has taken over the responsibilities and advocacies associated with her title.

The newly appointed beauty is no stranger to pageantry as she has competed in various pageants earlier such as Miss Universe Ucayali 2015 and Miss Universe Peru 2016. Moreover, recently she competed in Miss World Peru 2019 and now rolling her journey of Miss Untied Continents Peru 2019. Since she has already competed in pageants earlier, she definitely has good runway skills and this will be a strong factor for this beauty to win the international crown.


Marjory Patiño Lopez elected Miss United Continents Peru 2019

(Photo Credits: Marjory Patiño Lopez Instagram Official)

Last year, Clarisse Uribe represented Peru at Miss United Continents 2018 but failed to secure a position in the Top. Therefore, the country is yet to pioneer its win Miss United Continents beauty pageant. Will the newly appointed beauty manage to secure a spot in the finale in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below. Anyway, wishing her heartiest congratulations!