Whulandary Herman’s journey in the pageantry as one of the most accomplished Indonesian beauty queens

20 Apr 2020 | Camilla Suarez

Whulandary Herman is an Indonesian television host, model, and beauty pageant titleholder. She was crowned Puteri Indonesia 2013 and represented Indonesia at Miss Universe 2013 pageant on on 9 November 2013 at the Crocus City Hall, Krasnogorsk, a suburb of Moscow, Russia. She was placed at the Top16 at the end of the event finale. She is the second Indonesian and Sumatran to be called as Miss Universe Finalists after Artika Sari Devi who placed for the first time in Miss Universe 2005.

Herman was born and raised in Pariaman and decided to move to Jakarta and pursue her a modeling career while studying communication at Universitas Paramadina. She became a model after participating in the competition Wajah Femina in 2008. During her stint in Miss Universe 2013, she was one of the fan’s favourites and people expected her to finish at top positions but unfortunately, she finished at Top 16.



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The diva looks up to choose Iris Ximena and Olivia Culpo as her inspirations. She states that the two Miss Universe are not only beautiful but both are also very inspiring. Their views on life were wonderful and they’ve become an inspiration to women worldwide. Beauty, compassion and intellect, a great combination. She believes in their ideologies and feel that they have stepped up the game and given women strong role models to look up to.

Spilling some secrets about her beauty, she said, “Every morning I wake up and tell myself that I'm happier than yesterday. When I feel happy, I also feel more beautiful at the same time. And honestly, I'm not the type of woman who likes to go to the salon. I prefer to stay home and do traditional treatments from honey, essential oils, and other organic ingredients.”



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In one of her interviews, Herman was asked about her views on transgenders participating in the beauty pageants. To which she answered, “In this modern era everyone has the right to get the same opportunities and rights. I myself don't mind if they become Miss Universe contestants.” The diva is very dedicated towards building a career for herself while being there for her family.

The diva who has represented her country at international stage believes that women should be given more opportunities to showcase how strong and powerful they are. She stated that, “As a woman, you have the same capability to make an impact, not only for yourself but also for humanity. It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, what is your background as long as you have a dream make it happen”. She feels that beauty pageants give women a strong platform which will help them in achieving their goals and reach out to a mass audience for their advocacies.



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Whulandary Herman and Artika Sari Devi have launched their own ‘ArtikaWhulandary Beauty Camp’ which aims to sharpen the skills of Indonesian women who are interested in joining local or international beauty pageants. “The Beauty Camp is initiated by me and Artika Sari Devi. We want to prepare the people who are passionate in the beauty pageant world and we are open to all sorts of beauty pageants such as Asian Next Top Model, Miss Indonesia or Puteri Indonesia,” Whulandary said.

Whulandary Herman married Nik Ibrahim in 2018 and for the wedding, Whulan picked a tropical-resort theme. The Plataran Borobudur was adorned with assorted greeneries and clusters of white flowers. "I've always favoured greens more than flowers," she said. The two have a son together and the diva is bust taking care of the little one.



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