Miss Universe 2014 Preliminary Evening Gown Competition!

22 Jan 2015 | Angelopedia

Just 4 days left for the crowning of the next Miss Universe, and with it, the opening gate act for the Miss Universe 2014 has been accomplished.  The preliminary competition scheduled to be held on 21 January, started with a grand triumph. With the introduction of candidates and judges for the prelims, reigning Miss Universe, Gabriela Isler, co-hosted the event.  The contestants walked with the radiance in their respective evening gowns.


The moment when the beauties started walking the ramp, adorning their gowns, it was nothing less than a glittery star studded ambiance. The participants looked extremely graceful in their evening gowns. The whole silhouette with their hairdo, made the contestants look so beautiful that they fared to be a treat to our aesthetic senses. There was no denying that with a graceful walk and gowns with such intricate detailing, the moment just froze among the judges and audiences. It was one of those moments, when you click and capture the incident to stay with you, in your memory, forever.


Among all the 88 contestants, there were some, who proficiently exhibited the true meaning of drop dead gorgeous. Let's take a look at the pretty ladies during the prelims..


Miss Universe 2014 contestants in their evening gowns


Alejandra Argudo from Ecuador was seen wearing a yellow backless gown, with heavy silver bust line embellishment. Sabrina Beneett from Malaysia wore a deep neck, icy pink colored gown, and complemented her look with a tight bun. Keiko Tsuji from Japan was seen wearing a blue colored bandage gown, to go with her perfect shaped body. Bea Toivonen from Finland with a height like that looked absolutely stunning wearing the white feathery gown. The evening gown made her look like an angel straight from the heaven. Ismini Dafopoulou from Greece wore a light pink colored muton sleeved gown.



Miss Universe 2014 Preliminary Gown Round


Elvira from Indonesia looked utterly graceful in her white silver studded backless gown. With an elegant walk and confident stance, she ruled the stage.  Maggaly Ornellia from Gabon was seen wearing a gorgeous yellow embellished gown. Yoo Ye Bin from Korea wore a translucent body coning gown with blue embellishment. The fragile Korean beauty was hypnotizing to watch at.Gabriela Frankova from Czech Republic swirled around in a beautiful golden embellished gown.  


Miss Universe 2014 Preliminary Gown round


Brittany Bell from Guam, Grace Levy from great Britain, Patricia Murillo from El Salvador and Kimberly Castillo from Dominican Republic, were delightfully stunning at the Prelims. Abena Appiah from Ghana used different African fabric to co-design her evening gown.


The Prelims night was absolutely hypnotic and the Miss Universe 2014 contestants looked absolute darling and seemed like a dream, walking the stage and fascinating the viewers and judges.