Miss Universe 2014 Preliminary Swimwear Competition!

22 Jan 2015 | Angelopedia

Taking forward the ongoing preliminary competition for the Miss Universe 2014, the contestants, after exhibiting their performances in the evening gown tier, made way for the swimsuit round. Amidst the whirlpool of the whole glamour portrayal, it was time for the contestants to put their best foot forward. The hot ladies were seen walking the ramp in beautifully toned and polished bodies. The confidence and oomph, with which the candidates walked the ramp, ignited a fiery atmosphere and the stage was right on fire. The vivacious ladies walked around with such panache and dynamism, that it felt every single contestant is a winner walking towards its crown.



Miss Universe 2014 contestants in their yamamays for Prelims


Melissa Gurgel Miss Universe Brazil 2014, Karina Ramos Miss Universe Costa Rica 2014, Kimberly Castillo Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2014, Camille Cerf Miss Universe France 2014, Grace Levy Miss Universe Great Britain 2014.


Miss Universe 2014 Preliminary Swimwear Competition


Ana Montufar Urrutia Miss Universe Guatemala 2014, Saly Greige Miss Universe Lebanon 2014, Elvira Devinamira Miss Universe Indonesia 2014, Josselyn Garciglia Miss Universe Mexico 2014, Yasmin Verheijen Miss Universe Netherlands 2014.


Preliminary Swimwear round Miss Universe 2014


Diana Harkusha Miss Universe Ukraine 2014, Nia Sanchez Miss Universe USA 2014, Mary Jean Lastimosa Miss Universe Philippines 2014, Andjelka Tomasevic Miss Universe Serbia 2014, Migbelis Castellanos Miss universe Venezuela 2014

As the contestants walked the ramp, the whole auditorium was cheering and shouting out loud in support of their favourite contestants. Josselyn Garciglia from Mexico, with her perfectly shaped waist looked really confident and gaited her way with a smile. Melissa Gurgel from Brazil also walked the ramp in full poise and thirst to get her name secured in the Top 15 list. With all the cheering and support, MJ, Philippines, was surely the mass’s favourite. By the time all the contestants were through with their presentation, the whole podium looked like a stage full of beauties from all across the Universe, standing at one place. It was a delight to not only the shutterbugs, but also to the viewers’ eyes.