Iris Mittenaere Homecoming Parade in Lille France

20 Mar 2017 | Angelopedia

As we reported to you earlier, the newly crowned Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere is finally back to France and the beauty is enjoying every bit of it. Iris was welcomed by the National Director of Miss France Sylvie Tellier at the airport.

Iris has started her media tour and is busy giving interviews. On Thursday, Iris attended the noon show of Jean-Pierre Pernaut on TF1 and talked about her emotion of returning to France, sharing her life experience in New York, during the show. During her recent Press Conference, Iris talked about how much she missed her family, her country and just being here in France. "I had missed it: my family, the croissants, French gastronomy and even speaking French!", said Iris. She was also a little worried about her homecoming reception. "I said to myself, How are they going to receive me? Are they going to be happy? But I was better received than I had thought," she said.

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The beauty queen was recently welcomed in Northern France with a grand homecoming parade. Fans gathered around to welcome Iris, who broke the 63 years long drought of France at the Miss Universe, and everyone looked really excited and happy to see Iris. Iris also looked elated to meet her people and share the joy of winning with her country. Iris toured the city inn a double decker bus, as she waved at her fans. Check out the pictures below...


Iris Mittenaere Homecoming Parade in Lille France


Iris was accompanied by National Director of Miss France Sylvie Tellier and Miss France 2015 Camille Cerf. Previously, Iris had also expressed her curiosity on knowing about the chances of France hosting the Miss Universe pageant like the Philippines did. To which, Sylvie Tellier responded by saying that it is up to Esther Swan and the Miss Universe Organization. Esther, who was also in attendance, said that she would love to have the pageant in France.

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During her latest Press Conference, Iris was asked about the controversial war on drugs in the Philippines, the country where she was crowned, to which she replied: “It is sad to think that this is a pressing problem but they should fight harder. I stayed in the Philippines for a couple of weeks and this is a beautiful country with many different islands. Filipinos should focus on the positive side, eliminate the problems with drugs and focus more on the beauty of their country.”