Iris Mittenaere visits LGBT Youth centre in Phoenix

31 Jul 2017 | Angelopedia

Iris Mittenaere, who is the current Miss Universe, spent Friday afternoon with youths and staff who were caught in fire earlier this month at One.N.Ten, a non-profit that serves lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people aged between 12 and 20.


Iris Mittenaere visits LGBT Youth centre


The centre caught fire on July 12, the accident injured no one but destroyed the building and other material inside the building. The Phoenix Fire Department is investigating the fire as arson after video showed a man emptying a gas can on the floor and stepping outside just before a room goes up in flames. Officials on Friday announced an arrest in the case.

Four One.N.Ten youth leaders talked with Mittenaere about what they've lost.

"When I go to the centre, that’s my place of home; that’s my place of relaxation, and seeing that video is disheartening," one of the youth leaders, 22-year-old Justin Jones, told her. "It’s like I can't imagine. I feel like I lost my home”, Iris further said.

The leaders talked about their experiences with One.N.Ten's programs and services, which include counselling, camp; youth support groups, housing and a high-school program.

Mittenaere said the non-profit's work is "beautiful" because it helps the participants understand that "you are important and that other people are important for you."

"You need a family! She further exclaimed. "A family without a home, that’s not good. You need a new home."