Memorable moments of Miss Universe 2016 Finals

01 Feb 2017 | Angelopedia

The 65th edition of the Miss Universe pageant is over and all the chaos and applauds have finally faded, now that the pageant is over. The pageant concluded with the crowning of Iris Mittenaere of France as the Miss Universe 2016. The finale saw 86 contestants competing for the coveted title. It was a gleaming event with the presence of various prominent personalities. But, there were few moments from the finale that stood out, and made the gala coronation worth 3hrs. So, here we list out some of the memorable moments from the Miss Universe 2016 finals. Take a look...


Steve Harvey's playful dig on his mistake


Memorable moments of Miss Universe 2016 Finals


The first moment that we are going to talk about is how Steve Harvey mocked his last year’s mistake of Miss Universe name mix-up with an escape plan in case he messes up again.  This was all backstage, where he was seen discussing an escape plan with a group of men, in case he gets the name wrong this time too. cheeky

Harvey took the entire incident very sportingly and once the man walked towards the Miss Universe 2016 stage to host the finals, he told the audience "Let's get this out of the way. I know what you're thinking: 'Is that the guy from last year? Did they bring back that guy from last year?' Well, they did. It's me. I'm back!” Harvey also said, "If you make a mistake, you just have to keep on moving forward," and that's a great attitude to have.

His conversation with Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar was also something to remember. When Andrea told him how many people in Colombia hates him, adding, “The most important thing is- that I forgive you in the name of my country because I know to commit an error is to be human.” Steve, who didn’t understand this, asked, “Was that a death threat?” wink

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Andrea Tovar's in your face confidence


Memorable moments of Miss Universe 2016 Finals


Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar was a delight to look at, not just on the finale but throughout the contest. Andrea came face to face with Steve, when he announced her as one of the Top 13 finalists for the night. Steve introduced Tovar with a speech containing numerous mistakes from last year and it looked like the Colombian beauty was in no mood to let Steve forget his mistake.

When Harvey asked, "I just want to ask this for myself, how do people in Colombia feel about Steve Harvey?"

Andrea very promptly replied: "You want the truth? A lot of people hate you." She further added, “The most important thing is- that I forgive you in the name of my country because I know to commit an error is to be human.” You slayed it Andrea..!! wink


Fashion Forward Finals


Memorable moments of Miss Universe 2016 Finals


Unlike previous years, this year’s Miss Universe pageant was much ahead in terms of fashion. This year the contest successfully managed to keep the finale scandal-free, and grabbed the eyeballs for other reasons, like FASHION..!! This year, the delegates were seen moving away from the usual pageant looks, and focussing more on the red carpet diva look. Marquis Bias, the stylist for the Miss Universe Organisation shared that it was the joint effort from IMG as well as the contestants this year, that the pageant became such a massive hit in the fashion league. Instead of opting for the same old colour and same old style, the delegates were seen donning unique and creative collection that gave more of a diva look to the girls. heart


Miss Universe contestants Food Challenge

In between the finale of Miss Universe 2016, there were videos from the preliminary activities and events of contestants. During one such video, some of the girls were seen trying Balut. Quite a daredevil challenge, for some!! One of the most famous, somewhat fearful, food challenges for foreign newcomers to the Philippines is sampling a balut egg, which is an unborn duckling egg. Some of the contestants also took up the challenge bravely and their reaction was hilarious, and something that you must look at... If you missed it, here is the recap to the reaction... laugh




Zoey Ivory Dancing Diva

Miss Universe Netherlands 2016 Zoey Ivory might not have won the title, but the beauty is for sure winning hearts. Zoey was caught on camera dancing along to Beyonce’s hit “Single Ladies” during the break in rehearsals. You can look at the video and say that she danced like nobody is watching. At first Zoey didn’t realize that people are looking, when she heard all the cheering and hooting, she opened up to the tune. Check out Zoey grooving to the tune of “Single Ladies”. yes



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Pia Wurtzbach at her witty best


Memorable moments of Miss Universe 2016 Finals


Throughout the entire pageant, Steve made sour, bitter and comic reactions on every announcement, and didn’t shy away from playing along for his mistake last year. But, it was hilarious when the outgoing queen Pia Wurtzbach walked towards Harvey, right before he was about to make the announcement of the winner, with a pair of glasses. It was an obvious joke, and everyone also knew that it was coming. But to see it being carried forward till the final moment was something that made us laugh. laugh


Pia Wurtzbach’s final walk


Memorable moments of Miss Universe 2016 Finals


The controversial crowning moment of Miss Universe 2015, didn’t allow Pia Wurtzbach to have her first walk as the Miss Universe. So, her final walk was something that was much awaited and was all the more special as it was technically also her first walk on the stage of Miss Universe. Donning a blue princess gown, Pia looked like a doll as she walked like a true queen. heart


And finally.... the crowning moment of Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere


Memorable moments of Miss Universe 2016 Finals


This one moment is something which is special in every pageant, and this is one moment which you can’t rehearse. The tears, that smile, that happiness and that excitement, it’s all real. That moment when two beauties wait and pray silently to be the next Miss Universe, it’s all true and nothing one could ever fake or rehearse. So, the crowning moment of Iris Mittenaere as Miss Universe 2016 was the most special moment out of all. heart

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Enjoy the crowning moment for one more time here...



These were our list of special moments from Miss Universe 2016 finale. Do you have any moment that we can list down? Do share..!!