Miss Universe queens Zozibini Tunzi and Sofía Aragón discuss social discrimination in terms of hosting beauty pageants in Mexico over a live session

14 Jul 2020 | Ana Walia

Recently Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi hosted Miss Universe 2019 second runner-up Sofía Aragón of Mexico for a quick live session on 9th July 2020 where the two queens discussed about the social discrimination, allyship and COVID-19 situation in Mexico. Miss Universe Organization and Zozibini have been hosting many live sessions with former Miss Universe queens and some special guests to talk about the social issues, beauty pageants, ways to overcome the pandemic scare, etc.  under #UniverseUnited.

Zozi and Sofia greeted each other by complimenting each other on how beautiful they looked and Zozi mentioned that Sofia has her iconic red lips which she even had at the finale night where she looked amazing. Sofia also complimented Zozi by mentioning that she looked lovely that night and there is a reason why she won the crown and called her, “Best Queen Ever”.

Zozi stated that she remembers the last time she met her was she was holding her left hand on-stage along with Madison Sara Anderson Berríos from Puerto Rico on the right after which she was declared as the first runner-up of Miss Universe 2019. Zozi asked Sofia about how are things in Mexico and how has she been after Miss Universe 2019 finale to which Sofia answered by mentioning that things have been weird because they have been under a lockdown and everything, they had planned for this year has been pushed forward. But she also said that she is happy because she is with her family and working so she is happy. The two spoke about how things have been after their finale night and Zozi mentioned that even though our plans have been halted for a while, we all should be grateful for health, family and loved ones doing good and just keep praying sending love out in the universe and try to help the ones in need.



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Sofia shared that the most effected country is the United States but Mexico also has recorded and increment in the number of cases and are going back to the place they were a month ago. She also mentioned that the people are moving out of their houses and that has been messing up with the social distancing rule from WHO. She shared that she is still working and there are few people like her who cannot leave their jobs because they have responsibilities but she has been trying her best to make her work as safe as possible. Zozi shared that South Africa is dealing with the same thing as at one point it seemed like there are steady cases in the country which can be cured but suddenly there is an increment in the cases which just makes the situation worse. The queen said that it is us the individuals who must understand the urgency of the hour and start following the rules if we must stay safe.

Sofia agreed to Zozi and said that human beings are taught how to adapt and who cannot adapt dies, so everyone is trying to adapt to the new life and understanding the importance of staying together. Zozi carried on the conversation and asked Sofia about her biggest lesson from her Miss Universe 2019 journey; to which Sofia answered that something that is very precious to her is the emotional mental health and she has been working to raise and spread the awareness about the same for a long time now.

Sofia stated, “We believe that there is nothing more important than physical health or success or happiness but according to me it is to feel perfectly well with ourselves.” She carried on to explain that when she lived everything during her stint at Miss Universe 2019, she understood that it is important for her to believe her own words. She said, “what makes me, me is the strength and the power I give to every single thought I have which will help me build a life in future.” Remembering her journey Sofia stated that for a while during the competition she was not sure about whether she will be able to fulfill the duties of Miss Universe Mexico 2019 or not and some people during the pageant told her that she couldn’t and she believed them but eventually she shattered all the stereotypes in her mind which made her believe that a girl is who she is and not how the society describes one. 

Zozi also agreed to Sofia and added that the entire journey at the pageant was a journey of constant learning, understanding about how oneself is and how she should be. The diva further asked Sofia to tell her about her project that she is working on in Mexico where she wants Mexico to host different types of pageant which is the result of social discrimination in Mexico. Sofia shared that even though the entire Mexico supported Black Lives Matter movement, we ourselves forgot that we are also dealing with social discrimination and do the same with the people who don’t look native Mexicans. She shared and example of an actress who was nominated for an Academy Award but was rejected because she looked ‘too Mexican’.

Sofia further shared that there is a political group in the country who wants to cancel all the beauty pageants in the country and make them illegal which will not only take away the freedom from the women who aspire to be a beauty queen but also the people who are involved in making a pageant successful. She added that she doesn’t agree with any of these ideologies that beauty pageants stereotype women but in fact beauty pageants like Miss Universe empower women and teach them how to take a stand and use their voice. She stated that this political group is created by women and women tearing women down is not being a feminist and every woman has their right to choose to live their life.

The two divas further discussed about the social discrimination they had to face in their respective country and how they dealt with it. You can watch the live session here: 



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Sofia Aragon is considered as one of the most successful Miss Universe queen from Mexico as post her pageant, her book was a success in every book store of Mexico, she is working on her third book, hosting one of the most important TV Shows in Mexico, has her contract with one of the Latin American major Tv station and is also the host of The Voice Mexico 2020. She mentioned that in order to feel successful one must feel successful from within, believe in it and be confident about it.