Defining ambitions and achieving goals with delegates of Miss Universe 2020

01 May 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The 69th edition of Miss Universe i.e., Miss Universe 2020 is all set to be held on 16th May 2021 in the United States. The competition will be held in the span of 7 days and all safety precautions for Covid-19 will be followed just like Miss USA 2020 and Miss Teen USA 2020 competition. The preliminary competition is scheduled to take place on 13th May 2021.

While over the past week many delegates have taken off to Florida to begin the journey of representing their countries at the pageant, the organization of Miss Universe has been bridging the gap between the contestants and pageant followers through their social media platforms. One of the most engaging platforms has been the organization’s official YouTube channel, coming up with video like up close interviews, discussions, feature videos and much more exciting content.

A recent video published on the channel featuring some of the delegates talking about their ambitions, sharing their achievement, expressing their outlook at success and their drive to dream bigger.



The video commenced with some of the queens conveyed what ambitions meant to them. For Russia’s Alina Sanko, ambition means something important that she can do for herself or the world. Similarly, for Colombia’s Laura Olascuaga, ambition means achieving goals that we set for ourselves.

While India’s Adline Castelino feels it is to be a voice and have an objective, Laos’ Christina Lasasimma says it to be successful, ambition is the feeling of to be seen as successful. Alina Luz Akselrad of Argentina said ambition is all about knowing that it is never too late to work on who we want to be, just like for Myanmar’s Thuzar Wint Lwin, having an ambition is to have a passion to fulfill. Likewise, Andrea Meza of Mexico rightly said how ambition is our potential to convince ourselves that we need to be marvellous and extraordinary.



Some of the divas also explained how one’s aspirations are affected as they age and experience the journey that life offers. Rabiya Mateo of Philippines said, “I used to think that success is achieving our personal goals but I soon realized that success is best experienced when shared.”

Ghana’s Chelsea Tayui also shared how when you have a role model that you look up to especially those who have achieved similar dreams that you wish to achieve, makes our ambitions stronger and motivates us to keep moving.



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Many of the Miss Universe delegates are already inspiring people around the world but what is interesting to know is what drives their ambition? Miss Universe brought us closer to their realities as the delegates spoke their hearts onto what forces guide them towards their goals. Australia’s Maria Thattil beautifully explained how her ambitions are driven in a simple way as she said, “My ambitions are driven by my lived experiences.”

But experiences are not the only force that can gear up ambitions for every human. For Croatian beauty, Mirna Naiia Maric, ambition is driven by persistence, she believes in setting the goals and going for them like fire. Positive thinking and having an abundant mind set are somethings that pilot dreams for Helen Hernandez of Aruba.

Ambition needs relentless bravery, an unconditional belief in yourself,” Ivonne Cerdas of Costa Rica beautifully put her thoughts into words explaining ambitions can be fuelled by our own selves. Belize’s Iris Salguero feels her drive is the promise she made to herself to be limitless and fearless in persuing dreams. Both these American beauties came through as believers of the power of self-understanding.



Some of these beauties also shared some of the biggest goals they have achieved so far, for some of them being founders and for some just simply completing their educations have been milestones in their lives showing how no goal is big or small, it is your way of achieving it that makes you shine.

Shabree ‘Ambition’ Frett, as she calls herself, shared her achievement as she founded organizations like B3 You and and Lend a Hand. South Africa’s Natasha Joubert’s project ‘Destiny Designed’ is another great accomplishment to mention that empowers female entrepreneurs and business owners who went through troubling times during Covid.

While some goals were around big projects and organizations, other goals were personal achievements unlocked by some of our queens. Kosovo’s Blerta Veseli feels her biggest accomplishment has been achieving her freedom and happiness. On the other hand, Viviana Vizzini of Italy felt content about her study and ecstatic about receiving a degree, travelling and learning about life.

Being a strong woman is one of the biggest goals for ages now and women still strive to breakthrough and achieve it. Ukraine’s Yelyzaveta Yastremska reached the goal of being a self-made woman and support herself, whereas, Belize’s Iris Salguero brought change in her country by inspiring people and being a survivor of domestic vioikence.



When someone reaches to their goals they always tend to gain something out of it, something that is not only materialistic but also spiritual. Indonesia’s Ayu Maulida, Eden Bernandoive of Haiti and Philippines’ Rabiya Mateo shared how achieving goals gives her strength to achieve bigger ones and to fall in love with dreaming big.

USA’s Asya Branch beautifully concluded the video sharing how ambitions drive her into being better and bigger, she said, “Wherever life leads me I will live with ambition and determination striving to accomplish any goals that I set for myself and encouraging those around me to do the same.”

With Miss Universe just few weeks away from its coronation, the aniticipation among the pageant followers grows with every passing day to see the stunning and strong contenders fight for the title. Miss Universe 2020 will be held on 16th May 2021 in Hollywood, Florida. The delegates will be staying at the Hotel Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida, USA. Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.