What is a swimsuit body?

08 Dec 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss Universe Organization (MUO) is an inclusive organization that supports women from all cultures and backgrounds and helps them to achieve their goals via fostering their self- confidence and providing them with life altering opportunities and tools to utilize them. Breaking stereotypes and bringing a positive change through effective volunteering, fundraising and advocacy is just another day in the MUO.

In a recent interview, with the UP FRONT series of Miss Universe 2021, the delegates talked about pressing issues such as combating fast fashion in today’s environment, cyber bullying, entrepreneurship and women representation, among various others on the organization’s official YouTube channel. In October 2021, reigning queen Andrea Meza and Tanya Selvaratnam, an expert on domestic violence and the author of Assume Nothing: A Story of Intimate Violence, a book based on her personal experiences, discussed gender-based violence at length. All of which goes on to prove that pageantry is so much more than what we get to see on stage.


What is a swimsuit body?


One of the topics under light this year has been body shaming. What is a swimsuit body? Is it the one with curves? One with a flat stomach? With no hair? Answering all these questions and smashing the absurd standards, are our queens.

“It’s so cliché and its cliché for a reason you know. Any body. As long as you feel comfortable and confident in it. It’s made to fit onto you, you are not made to fit into it. I talk about celebrating YOU as an individual, celebrating your individuality and what makes you unique. And it’s beyond shapes and its beyond sizes.,” Anchilee divulged on being asked the question. Earlier this year, she took to her social media to assert a similar message where she wrote, “We are still body shaming? The impact it has on a person will be something those who have never been through it will understand. It takes a toll on one’s mental health, so before you comment or post something- take a second to be mindful and think about the impact it may have.”



“It’s really that simple, we should be celebrating different body types, different personalities,” said Elísa Gróa Steinþórsdóttir of Iceland. “Every body is a swimsuit body actually,” shared Miss Universe Norway 2021 Nora Emilie Nakken. “We are women and we are very beautiful and which size you have, you always shine,” Belgium’s Kedist Deltour asserted.

The Beach Beauty round that was axed from the Miss World competition in 2014 is also making a return this year. The show organizers discontinued the swimsuit round deeming it unnecessary but now the narrative has gained a whole new meaning around it. Empowerment looks different on everyone and this just goes on to prove it. We look forward to ladies embracing their whole self at both of the competitions and inspiring million of other women to do the same.