Miss Universe 2021 Top 3 Q/A round

13 Dec 2021 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Universe 2021, the 70th Miss Universe, will be held on 12th December 2021 in Eilat, Israel where Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza of Mexico crowned India’s Harnaaz Sandhu as Miss Universe 2021 at the end of the event finale. The 2021 edition saw the return of Steve Harvey as host and Fox as the official broadcaster of the show.

Before the winner was announced, the organization announced the Top 3 finalists which included Miss Universe India 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu, Miss Universe South Africa 2021 Lalela Mswane and Miss Universe Paraguay 2021 Nadia Ferreira, who were put to a grilling final round of a common question asked and as one diva answered, the other two put up noise cancelling headphones for a fair chance at the title of Miss Universe 2021.


Miss Universe 2021 Top 3 Q/A round


The finalists were asked, “What advice would you give to young women watching on how to deal with the pressures they face today?” Let's take a look at the answers of the Top 3 which became the deciding factor in the Miss Universe 2021 results –

The first to answer the question was Miss Universe South Africa 2021 Lalela Mswane who beautifully answered, “I would implore young women today to choose courage over comfort in every opportunity they get. I also want young women to know that since the beginning of time, they have had everything within them to achieve anything they wanted, it was unfortunately the world that convinced us that we do not.”

Second up, Miss Universe India 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu strongly answered as she emphasized, “I think the biggest pressure that the youth of today is facing is to believe in themselves, to know that you are unique and that is what makes you beautiful, stop comparing yourself with others and let’s talk about more important things that are happening worldwide. Come out, speak for yourself because you are the leader of your life, you are the voice of your own. I believed in myself and that’s why I am standing here today.”


Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu


Lastly, Miss Universe Paraguay 2021 Nadia Ferreira confidently answered the question, “I have been through so many hard situations in my life, but I overcame them, so I want all women, all people who are watching in this moment to join forces and do what you are meant to do, because you can do it. No matter the situation, you can overcome it and always be victorious.”