Caribbean beauty queens dominated Miss Universe 2022

20 Jan 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe 2022, the 71st edition of the international pageant, concluded on 14th January 2023 held at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. The pageant, under the new ownership of JKN Global Group, saw multiple records being made at the finale which made this edition ever more special.

2022 was the year of Caribbean beauty queens; not only did these stunners manage to become the face of the pageant but five of them also managed to make it to the Top 16 while only two delegates from Asia, two from Europe made it to the Top 16. Out of these 5 Caribbean beauties, three of them also made it to Top 5.

Here are the Caribbean beauty queen who made it to Top 16, dominating Miss Universe 2022 –

Ashley Carino representing Puerto Rico

Ashley continued the successful placement streak for her country Puerto Rico for the fifth consecutive year as she placed in the Top 16. The last time Puerto Rico was crowned Miss Universe was in 2006 when Zuleyka Jerrís Rivera Mendoza was crowned Miss Universe.


??hl?? ??r?n? representing Puerto Rico


Mideline Phelizor representing Haiti

Mideline Phelizor broke the placement drought of five years as Haiti placed in the Top 16. The last time Haiti placed in the Miss Universe was in 2016 when Raquel Pélissier placed first runner-up. The country is yet to win Miss Universe crown.


??d?l?n? ?h?l?z?r representing Haiti


Andreina Martinez representing Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic has been gaining momentum at Miss Universe and Andreina Martinez this year made sure the country placed right on top with second runner-up placement. The country also won 4th runner-up placement in 2020.


?ndr??n? ??rt?n?z representing D?m?n???n R??ubl??


Tya Jane Ramey representing Trinidad and Tobago

Tya Jané Ramey broke placement drought for her country Trinidad & Tobago as she placed in the Top 16. The country last placed in 2006 when Kenisha Thom placed in Top 10. Tya gave a strong performance at the pageant winning the placement for her country.


??? ??n? R?m?? representing ?r?n?d?d ?nd ??b?g?


Gabriela Dos Santos representing Curacao

Gabriela Dos Santos broke a Top 5 placement drought for her country Curacao. Santos is a dedicated advocate for women empowerment. An excellent orator with impressive communication skills and definitely a stunning beauty, Gabriela made this success possible for her country.


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