Miss Universe Albania 2021 Top 10 Hot Picks

08 Jul 2021 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Universe Albania Organization is all set to host its 2021 edition on 9th July 2021 at Salla E Adorions, Amor Palace, Autostrada Tirane- Durres, where stunning beauties will compete for the national crown and the win the opportunity to represent Albania Miss Universe 2021. Miss Universe Albania 2020 Paula Mehmetukaj will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

Since Miss Universe Albania organization holds the license to crown Miss Universe Kosovo along with Miss Universe Albania, the organization will crown Miss Universe Kosovo 2021 at the end of the event finale. Miss Universe Kosovo 2020 Blerta Veseli will crown her successor at the end of the event finale and the winner will represent Kosovo at Miss Universe 2021.

While all the contestants are geared up to compete for the national crown, there are a few delegates who have stood out as potential winners. So, without any further ado, let us take a look at our Top 10 favourites for the Miss Universe Albania 2021 crown –

Dijana Shkodra

Dijana, a 24-year-old girl born and raised in Switzerland, graduated last year in economics and currently works as a deputy director in an insurance company. The direction she has chosen holds a strong reason and purpose. She says I am here to represent beauty but above all the power of woman as a being who is able to achieve everything if she believes in herself. Her desire is to worthily represent the power of Albanian women in the world.



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Serena Kote

22 years-old Serena is a law student born and raised in Milan. It was one of her biggest desires to be a part of a competition like Miss Universe. One of the goals she has set for herself is to make her family proud, who have nurtured my Albanian values since childhood. Ambitious, confident and simplicity are traits that characterize her. She is proud to compete for her country with will and perseverance.



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Sara Domi

Hailing from Tirana, Sara is a 21 year-old student pursuing her bachelors in Communication and Marketing. Sara considers herself as a little narcissistic person, but in its positive connotation, since she wants to be in a progression and eloquent improvement of herself. Sara aims to seek the best in every situation and her self-confidence has helped her a lot to achieve everything so far.



Klea Muça

Klea is an 18 year-old Business Management student at the Technical and Economic School of Tirana. Miss Universe has been the biggest dream for her since she was 11 years old and now she is being able to realize it with all her strength and the support of her parents. Klea has the beauty of the soul as she helps the people in need. She believes that it is not only the physical beauty but also the spiritual one that makes a complete person.



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Frida Ndoci

22 years-old Frida likes to call beauty intelligent, and intelligence beauty. She was born and lives in Italy but has always been rooted in Albania. Originally from Shkodra, she was raised with a love for the wonderful Albanian culture and traditions. Frida is a student at the University of Medicine and has always been determined towards achieving in her career. She wants to demonstrate that many things are achieved in life with sacrifice and self-confidence and a girl can be not only beautiful but also intelligent.



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Kristina Niçaj

18 years-old Kristina has been passionate about beauty and elegance from a young age. She believes that to be a part of a Miss, one should not only have physical beauty you should have the beauty of the mind and spirit. Her character is an intertwined formation of versatility and being capable of calmly managing any kind of situation.



Megi Gjonçe

Hailing from the city of Fier, 18 year old Megi, who manages her small beauty salon, is still not able to believe how one of her earliest dreams is coming to life. Since she was little, she has nurtured with dedication and love a dream to become part of the presentation of Albanian beauty. For Megi, this format is like a trampoline from where it becomes easier to dive into the depths of life. She describes her strongest points as positivity and kindness.



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Klea Metaliu

19 years-old Klea believes in being the change that you would like to see in the world. Born in Tirana, she has been a very energetic and curious girl to learn as many new things as possible but especially to help others, from a young age. Apart from pageantry, Klea hopes to continue her legal studies and fulfill her dream of becoming a successful lawyer. She is a strong and curious character who is always ready to help people in need and try to give happiness to her loved ones.



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Denada Doda

Denada is a 20 years-old student at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, German-English branch. The spirit of simplicity and self-esteem has been the first education she received in her family. To her, beautiful means to start a challenge with yourself. Doda is a social person who likes to meet new people and learn new things from them. She strongly believes that everyone should fight hard and not give up for any reason for their dreams and desires because with work, will and self-confidence everything is achievable in life.



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Anelisa Saliaj

19 years-old Anelisa comes from the city of Vlora. She believes that every achievement and experience gained in life has its beginning in an idea that comes to mind quite suddenly, it is enough just to dare, and it is only because she dared is why she can be seen at Miss Universe Albania. Her dream is to be someone in life, not only for personal achievement, but for every woman to realize that they can do something they love no matter how difficult the circumstances.



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