Former Miss Universe Australia Maria Thattil joins Talking Honey panel for Season 11

02 Feb 2022 | Camilla Suarez

Since representing Australia at the Miss Universe 2020 with a stellar performance, Maria Thattil has continued to rapidly escalate in the media industry with her warm personality and ability to speak eloquently on a wide variety of issues.

For her most recent venture, the diva has joined the panel of ‘Talking Honey’ Season 11 for the Channel 9. Thrilled and privileged to join inspiring and insightful co-panelists such as Shelly Horton, Ben Fordham and John Aiken, Maria just did her first panel talk show.

Talking about some bites from the season, she shared, “This Season we got into some tricky topics and I can’t wait for you to watch it. It was an incredible display of how diverse people from different walks of life can have healthy discourse, disagree, agree and learn from each other in a world where all too often we are afraid to broach topics that may polarise, intimidate or scare many.”



Many of Maria’s conversation subjects and projects, as a dedicated diversity activist, focus on social justice problems such as anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, representation, youth empowerment, mental health, and gender equality advocacy. She has also been engaging with large businesses on panels, campaigns, and content focused toward representation and equality, leveraging her psychology and management degrees in her creative endeavours.

Maria established ‘Mind With Me’, a social media empowerment series, during 2020 lockdown, where she built a global network of listeners that participated in debates about societal concerns. Maria is also a member of the United Nations Association of Australia and a Mission Australia and SisterWorks ambassador.



Most recently, Maria was on the show ‘I’m a Celebrity’ and definitely became something of a household name. She also made waves when she she came out as bisexual on national TV, sharing her sexuality publicly for the first time.

Apart from these recent appearances on the television, Maria has featured numerous times on Studio 10 and ‘Have You Been Paying Attention?’ as well as The Morning Show, ABC News Breakfast, and The Today Show.  With her strong personality and inspiring thoughts, we hope to see more and more of this queen in future!