Miss Universe Australia 2020 Maria Thattil hints on joining TV

20 Oct 2021 | Angelique Reyes

Australia’s pride and beauty queen, Miss Universe Australia 2020 Maria Thattil recently passed on her crown and duties to the newly crowned Miss Universe Australia 2021 Daria Varlamova last night. Even though she missed out on the international crown of Miss Universe, Maria definitely inspired millions and continues to do so.

Before crowning her successor, the diva appeared on The Morning Show straight from Melbourne as she discussed her future plans and preparations to embark on the next stage of her career, along with reflecting on her time representing the country worldwide.



A year on from the pageant, Thattil said, “I’m ready to pass it on. Life happens in cycles. I’ve had a really full year and it’s bittersweet but it’s time for somebody else to take the title,” as she looks back on her time as a massive evolution. “The opportunities, the people, and the experiences, it’s been a massive evolution and full of love ... I’m so grateful,” she added.

As she head on to the next phase in her life, she also hinted that a career in the media was on the horizon for the beauty queen. She revealed, “Without saying too much, I will say this - I have always wanted to foray into television, and I’ve always said that I’ve wanted my words and my writings to change the world. You can expect big projects from me, I can’t tell you what they are now but you will be seeing more of me, and I hope that while I’m encouraging people to think differently I’m also entertaining you in the process, so watch this space.”

Bidding farewell to the national title, the crown and her journey as Miss Universe Australia 2020, Maria shared why she chose Miss Universe. “It gave me a global mic to my voice, and people - old and new - that I love beyond belief. The chance to speak truths - both beautiful and uncomfortable. To galvanise change - both domestically and worldwide. To evolve the way people think about my country, about women, and about people who don’t fit the mould. And in the process, I evolved myself,” she mentioned.



The Melbourne beauty earned herself a placing in Top 10 at Miss Universe 2020, out of a pool of 73 contestants but was just unexpectedly edged out of the Top 5. She had been the viewers-favorite and was definitely one of the strongest contestants for the crown.

With a promise to amplify the voice of many others like her who were once not heard, with her own voice, Maria promises to continue to aspire, inspire and be a force to be reckoned with. The country and pageant industry is and will always be proud to have such a strong queen leading her way towards brighter days.