Queensland’s Ronnie McNevin aims to win Miss Universe Australia 2021

14 Apr 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Miss Universe Australia is going to host the finale for Miss Universe Australia 2021 soon where all the selected state winners will participate and compete for the title and earn a chance to represent Australia at Miss Universe 2021. The winner will succeed Miss Universe Australia 2020 Maria Thattil for the title who will be representing the country at Miss Universe 2020 in May.

Veronica McNevin is one of the state finalists from Queensland who has caught everyone’s attention as she seems like a potential candidate to represent Australia at Miss Universe 2021. She will be competing for the spot at the finale of Miss Universe Australia 2021 soon.

The diva is 20-years-old and has just graduated with her Bachelor of Actuarial Science from Bond University, majoring in big data and finance, and has already begun her actuarial science Honors program. She aims to win the national title and represent Australia at Miss Universe 2021 and was motivated to enter the beauty competition with an urge to make a difference in society.



Veronica describes the opportunity as fun, exciting, and she wants to make the best use of it by being a positive influence for young women who aim to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. She announced her selection as Queensland finalist via social media and expressed that she cannot be more thankful and happy than being able to represent the state and work hard to achieve her dreams.

The beauty queen aims to go to the moon ever since she was a little girl says that she must work hard on her skills and techniques if she wants to make herself a spot at the finale of Miss Universe Australia 2021. Veronica has always been an adventurer and aims to try everything possible and not stick with one thing. The diva who is going to try out pageantry for the first time shared that her mother has always encouraged her to participate but she always felt like the women who are a part of beauty pageants are judged on their looks and physique but this time she saw it as an opportunity to push herself out of her comfort zone and try something new and unique hoping to turn this opportunity as one of her own.  She added, “I went onto the website and the registration was closing that night, so I quickly ripped together a video, wrote down my answers, and submitted it."

Veronica is half Filipino and is not worried about the criticism that she might receive if she wins the pageant like Miss Universe Australia 2019 Priya Serrao or Miss Universe Australia 2020 Maria Thattil received as their parents migrated from India. The beauty queen stated, "I'm just going to push through any kind of negative feedback. You can't listen to the racists.” She is hopeful for her future and whatever opportunity comes her way and helps her to be confident and move a step closer to her dream.

The diva feels immensely blessed to be surrounded by supportive and motivating people who have helped her to achieve her dreams. She has started to prepare herself for the competition and believes that she will perform her best to win the title. She is confident, determined, and focused on winning.