All about Miss Universe Bangladesh 2020 Tangia Zaman Methila

09 Apr 2021 | Ana Walia

Tangia Zaman Methila was crowned Miss Universe Bangladesh 2020 on 3rd April 2021 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dhaka. She will represent Bangladesh at Miss Universe 2020 scheduled to take place on 16th May 2021 in the United States. Tangia was crowned by the special judge and famous Indian actor Chitrangada Singh at the end of the event finale.

Hailing from Dhaka, Tangia is 28-years-old and stands 169 cm tall. She is a professional model, an actress, and an alumna of the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) in Dhaka but she couldn’t complete her degree as her father passed away and she had to take over the responsibilities. She has been accepted at the LA Academy for acting where she plans to complete her undergraduate. She is very excited to take over the crown duties and has started to prepare for the finale night.



Talking about her experience after winning, Tangia stated, "I couldn't believe that I became the champion. It's a different feeling. It's a source of pride for me. A Bollywood celebrity put the crown on my head. Everyone appreciated me. Everything seemed like a dream. There was a minimum level of confidence while I applied for the competition because everyone knows me and I can talk in front of the camera, walk, I know how to post on social media. I'm already popular. I had almost all the qualifications for this event. There was also a risk. If I am not a winner, it will have a negative impact on my career.” She also shared that winning was important to her and that’s why she was very dedicated to her preparation for the pageant.

Tangia is not new to the world of beauty pageants as she has been in the modelling industry for the past seven years and was previously named Miss Supranational Bangladesh 2019. She was supposed to compete at Miss Supranational 2019 in Poland but had to withdraw from the contest due to an emergency. She has played the lead actress in a Bollywood movie called, ‘Rohingya’. She is a brand ambassador to several national and international brands in Bangladesh including Tresemme and more. She has also been the showstoppers of major fashion week and fashion shows in the country.

In a recent interview, Tangia was asked about the hardest part of participating in Miss Universe Bangladesh 2020 to which she replied that people taking her positive attributes negatively was very hard for her. She shared that she has dreamt of being Miss Universe and representing Bangladesh at Miss Universe after years of experience and preparing herself. Tangia shared that as the divas prepare themselves for the competition, people who see it on-screen are not aware of the hard work one puts into it and call the competition rigged.



Sharing further, Tangia mentioned that to be a beauty queen, the women must be a complete package like they must know how to walk, dress, communicate, and be comfortable in front of the camera. The recently crowned beauty queen has set her goals tight which are to win the crown for her country and explains, “I feel if I target Top 1, then I can be in the Top 3 at least. If I target the Top 10, then maybe I’ll reach the Top 50. There’s nothing wrong with being a big dreamer. I think every one of the contestant’s dreams of winning the crown.”

 Tangia is very much involved in the volunteering work as she and her best friend distribute clothes among the poor people before Eid and works with Star Rising Charity. The diva also provides food, books, and stationaries to underprivileged children and orphans. She has started to prepare for the pageant as she shared that she must maintain a strict fitness regime, select her outfits, attend grooming sessions, and focus on the minor tips and techniques that will help her perform the best on-stage.

Miss Universe Bangladesh 2020 mentioned that no one can judge a person’s beauty based on how they look as the saying goes, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. She further commented that beauty pageants now don’t just look for physical beauty but talent, confidence, and the zeal to represent the country on an international stage.



President of Miss Universe Bangladesh, Rafiqul Islam Duke mentioned, "We are very optimistic about Tangia Methila. Our goal now is the main stage of Miss Universe.” Sharing about the controversies she has been a part of, Tangia mentioned, “If you want to do something big, some people will take it well, some people will take it badly. Bad people will say bad things. There were more competitors here. They must have expected that they too would be the winners. Some may talk a little better than me but can't walk the ramp. You must understand that talking is not everything. I am experienced. I know what to do in a situation. If I got upset, it would not happen. I want to move forward with the positive energy of those who are talking positively about me.”

The beauty queen who aspires to win the title for Bangladesh dreams of working in Hollywood as well. Tangia stated that she is slowly moving towards her dream and will work hard and stay focused on her goals in life.