Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 Wishlist: Nin Malyneth

12 May 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 is all set to crown its new queen in the 4th edition of Miss Universe Cambodia as the search for the national delegates has started. The winner of the title will be representing Cambodia at Miss Universe 2020 and succeed Miss Universe Cambodia 2019 Somnang Alyna.

The delegates for the national pageant are yet to be revealed by the organization but wish lists are being prepared of the divas who have the potential and skills to win the title and represent Cambodia at Miss Universe 2020. Nin Malyneth is one of the potential beauties whose name has made it to the Wishlist for the national pageant.



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Hailing from the province of Phnom Penh, Malyneth is 25-years old and has studied Graphic designing at Setec University. She also pursued interior designing studies and works as a professional model currently.

Malyneth is not new to the world of pageantry as she was a part of Cambodia’s Next Top Model 2015 where she was placed as the top 5 model. She explained that experience as a life-changing one. The diva then went onto participate in Miss Universe Cambodia 2019 where was highly appreciated for her strong and impressive performance but unfortunately wasn’t placed. Even though she wasn’t placed, she was awarded Miss photogenic and Miss Audience choice award at the end of the event finale. She hasn’t stopped working as a professional model since then and has worked with various designers and brands in Cambodia and gained more experience in the field. She proudly flaunts her caramel complexion and looks gleaming.



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Malyneth was born to a Cambodian mother and African father but her biological father left her mother and her at a very young age. When her mother remarried to a Cambodian man, Malyneth was very excited and happy to have him as her father. Describing about her childhood, Malyneth states, “I stood out the most as I was the only one who inherited the physical features of our father – curly hair, relatively bigger build and of course, darker skin. Not only was I different from the rest in my family, but I also stood out in my neighbourhood. This was something that confused me for a long time and it made me question myself. Because of that, I kept on trying my best to imitate others around me just so they could see that I was no different and that would like me.”

Malyneth feels that when people say that she participated in Miss Universe Cambodia 2019 for herself, she gets upset because her real intension for other countries to see that Cambodia is fighting against racism and discrimination by allowing a Cambodian-African woman to represent them on the grand international stage. She still works for the same cause and if she decides to participate in Miss Universe Cambodia 2020, she will use the platform to advocate about racial discrimination more powerful. To being able to combat the light-skin-is-beautiful stereotype, which has been her lifelong mission.



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Malyneth has worked in many projects, including music videos and a soap opera for Hang Meas Production. She stated, “Being involved in the field of art while still working full-time is very tiring, but it also guarantees financial security. I encourage other artists to do the same since, in today’s world, an artist’s earning fluctuates, unless he or she is very successful.”

Being able to represent Cambodia at international stage has been a long and deeply personal dream of Malyneth. She feels that she can perform her best and win the title for the country and for everyone who has faced any racial discrimination in their lives. The diva also wants to help in guiding and mentoring young women of Cambodia. She is strong, determined and very self-assured.