Miss Universe Chile 2022 Top 5 Hot Picks

23 Jun 2022 | Camilla Suarez

The grand finale of Miss Universe Chile 2022 has been scheduled to be held on 25th June 2022 at Hotel Santa Cruz. At the end of the event finale, the winner will be crowned Miss Universe Chile 2022 who will represent her country at Miss Universe 2022. The winner will succeed and be crowned by Miss Universe Chile 2021 Antonia Figueroa.

While this year’s batch consists of 15 semi-finalists competing for the final round, few divas have emerged as strong and potential contenders for the title this year. So, without any further ado, here are our Top 5 favorites for Miss Universe Chile 2022 –

Damaris Contreras Salgado

The representative of Viña del Mar, Damaris is a 22 year old fourth year obstetrics student. She is part of the ‘Cumplido Circular’ foundation where they work for the benefit of the environment. Some of her favorite activities include sports and sharing with family. The diva is an experienced model and with her confidence and aura, she is emerging as a front runner for the title.



Kelsey Kohler

Representing Chillian, Kelsey aspires to be a lawyer and is one of the strongest, most consistent and most committed contestants this year. She is 23 years old, a law student and a polyglot. She practices martial arts and loves animals. Kelsey applies her knowledge of law, in pursuit of women entrepreneurs or in vulnerable situations.



Celia Fuenzalida

Celia will represent the Nancagua at the national competition. The diva is 27 years old, studied medicine and is currently a general practitioner in the area, so he works full time in a public hospital. She is a basketball and soccer player, is passionate about languages, singing and also dancing. She has constantly carried out work and social projects to help rural areas of the country.



Martina Yañez

Representative of Algarrobo, 19 years old Martina graduated from high school and from a very young age she has been dedicated to dancing, especially the two that she is most passionate about, which are contemporary and urban dance. She considers herself an enterprising woman and today she has an online clothing store. Her purpose in the contest is for the benefit of the most vulnerable people, especially girls and boys, carrying out various solidarity campaigns.



Sofia Depassier

Representing the Foreign Community, Sofia with only 23 years of age considers herself a versatile, innovative woman with a lot of personality. She is a professional model and actress and currently works as a beautician. Born in Santiago de Chile, Sofia immigrated to the United States where she settled and began working as an English teacher. She is not new to the world of beauty pageants, as she was one of the participants in Miss Teen South Florida 2004 and won the title of Miss Photogenic, in addition to competing for the title of Miss Universe Chile 2020.