Former Miss Earth Colombia Juliana Franco confirms participation in Miss Universe Colombia 2020

20 Aug 2020 | Ana Walia

With the announcement of the requirements for the delegates of Miss Universe Colombia 2020 under the guidance of national director Natalie Ackermann, the organization and the pageant fanatics have been in search for a potential candidate who will represent Colombia at Miss Universe 2020 stage. Miss Universe Colombia decided to branch out from Senorita Colombia Organization very recently.

With a list of delegates being prepared for the competition, Juliana Franco has caught our attention for the title as she seems like a potential candidate to represent Colombia at Miss Universe stage. She has recently confirmed her participation at the competition and has received a great response from the pageant fanatics. She is 27-years-old and stands 173 cm tall who has earned her degree in professional audiovisual media and works as a professional model.



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Juliana is not new to the world of beauty pageants as she won the title of Miss Earth Colombia 2017 and represented Colombia at Miss Earth 2017 stage where she was crowned as Miss Earth Water 2017 at the end of the event finale. She also won awards including Top 16 Face Beauty and Elegance, Top 16 for Intelligence and Environmental Awareness, and a Silver medal for Miss Photogenic. She thanked everyone for the support and mentioned, “the people who even without knowing me sent me their support and words of encouragement and advice, thank you."

In her recent post on social media where she has revealed that she has finally submitted her application for Miss Universe Colombia 2020 , Julia mentioned that since the news went viral, she has received so many messages of love and support from various parts of the world for her participation and the love has filled her heart and the process with a lot of beautiful energy! She added, “Even without being an official candidate, deciding to return to my country with this new dream, in the midst of a pandemic, BELIEVE ME that is why, whatever happens, I really do it with all my love, commitment and full responsibility.” She is very excited and hopes that she is selected for the competition as there are various beautiful talented and potential candidates who have applied for the competition.



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The diva is a very positive human and has always tried to pass on the same energy to everyone she meets and uses her social media account to do the same. She has been very open with her difficulties and how she channelizes her energy into overcoming them. Juliana has used her platform of social media to reflect the positive and hopeful energy in order to help someone who needs it. Being an advocate of self-love, she mentioned, “I know there is still a long way to go, a lot to live and improve, but that is how without any kind of mask, the recognition of self-love ends up coming to light again, demonstrating that as human beings we must always keep in mind that it depends only on we find the ways to start building or re-highlight that incredible version that we carry within us.” She has always tried to advocate the people through her social media about being comfortable in one’s own skin and be confident about it.

Julina is excited and believes that she will be selected for the competition and has already started to prepare for the competition as she is working on her on-stage walk along with working on her body angles, postures, and confidence. She is beautiful, confident, and dedicated woman who wants to represent her country at Miss Universe 2020 stage. The diva’s strong and open-end opinions are surely something to look forward too and her communication skills are very strong. The diva is dedicated, committed, disciplined, and completely focused on winning the Miss Universe 2020 title for her country.