Maria Clara Ramirez for Miss Universe Colombia 2020?

30 Jun 2020 | Ana Walia

With the recent announcement of the requirements for the delegates of Miss Universe Colombia 2020 under the guidance of national director Natalie Ackermann, the organization and the pageant fanatics have been trying to find a potential candidate for representing Colombia at Miss Universe 2020 stage. Miss Universe Colombia decided to branch out from Senorita Colombia Organization very recently.

With the list of potential candidates being prepared for the competition, Maria Clara Ramirez who seems like a potential candidate to represent Colombia at Miss Universe 2020 stage. She is 23-years-old and stands 170 cm tall. She has studied accounting with an emphasis in International Business. She speaks English, Spanish and French fluently. She lives in New Jersey but has always represented a Caldense woman. She is passionate about beauty pageants and aspires to represent Colombia at international stage.



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Maria is not new to the beauty pageant as she was chosen as Miss Caldas 2018-19 and represented her department at the National Reign of Beauty in Cartagena. She describes herself as a very transparent, original, simple, calm, happy, independent, hard-working, and dedicated person. She has walked on-stage for various designers and brands along with been a muse for photographers in Colombia which has helped her earn the experience and intensive knowledge about beauty pageants and modelling in general. She is very ardent to represent her country at Miss Universe stage and Miss Universe Colombia 2020 could be her chance to do so.

Maria is not only aspiring to be a beauty queen but also someone who people would look up to as a role model and someone who has made a difference in the society. She believes that beauty pageants like Miss Universe Colombia would give her a chance to represent her multi-cultural and highly ethnic nation in front of everyone. This would be like her view of the country and people who have always motivated and supported her for achieving her dreams. She is very attached to her roots and lands and would love to showcase the same to everyone.

Maria has always been influenced, motivated, pushed, and supported by her parents and friends in order to achieve her dreams. She is grateful to them for understanding her dreams and let her try to achieve them. Former Miss Colombia Paulina Vega is someone Maria looks up to and believes that with utter determination, hard work and confidence, she will be there where Paulina is. The discipline, commitment, and effort she dedicates to all the opportunities that come her way in life makes her unique.



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The diva was appreciated for her performance as Miss Caldas but unfortunately, she didn’t win. But with the same charisma, enthusiasm, and excitement, she will be back on-stage if she decides to participate for the national pageant this year. She defines Caldense women as powerful, happy, educated, responsible, hard-working, and multifunctional, which is why she is proud to represent them. She is already working on her health and fitness along with focusing on her on-stage walk, body confidence, communication, and mental balance for the future projects.

Maria is beautiful, confident, and hard working. She believes that if someone must at the top, they have to work like it and she is ready to give in her best for representing her country at Miss Universe 2020 stage. She can be a front runner for the title of Miss Universe Colombia if she decides to participate.