Miss Universe Colombia 2022 Wishlist: María Fernanda Aristizabal

07 Mar 2022 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss Universe Colombia organization will soon be electing the new queen for the session 2022 to represent the country at the Miss Universe 2022 pageant. As many names are surfacing as anticipated delegates for this year for the organization to appoint, María Fernanda Aristizabal is a names appearing as one of the rumoured comebacks for the title.

24 year-old Maria is a Colombian model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss Colombia 2019. Aristizábal is the first delegate from Quindío Department to ever be crowned Miss Colombia. Born in Armenia, of Spanish-French Basque descent, she finished her studies of social communication at the Luis Amigó Catholic University of Medellin in July 2021.



Not new to pageantry, she began her journey in 2019 after being crowned Miss Quindío 2019. In pre-pageant activities of Miss Colombia 2019, Aristizábal emerged as a frontrunner after winning a number of special awards, including Queen of the Police and Best Body.

As Miss Colombia, she was to represent Colombia at Miss Universe 2020, but in June 2020, Natalie Ackermann gained ownership of the Colombian franchise to Miss Universe, confirming that a new pageant would be held to select the Colombian representative in 2020, and that Aristizábal would not be going to Miss Universe.



Now ever since her name is being anticipated for the title this year, the diva has been emerging as a definite favourite, since she was unable to use her position and title at the international platform, but in a recent interview, she has also confirmed that the Miss Universe Colombia organization has not had any communication with her yet.

Since Maria was not sent to any international contest, the pageant fanatics look forward to seeing this queen return to the stage and show her potential and make the country proud.