Miss Universe Croatia 2020 Final Hot Picks

06 Mar 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Universe Croatia 2020 is all set to host its coronation night on 13th March 2020 in Zagreb as stunning beauties from all over the country will compete for the national crown and the opportunity to represent Croatia in Miss Universe 2020. Mia Rkman from Korcula Miss Universe Croatia 2019 will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

Before the pageant officially begins, we have selected our final 5 delegates who we think can be a frontrunner in the competition and win the crown. So, let’s look at the final hot picks for Miss Universe Croatia 2020:

Daria Matic

Daria hails from Spilt; is 22-years-old and stands 178cm tall.  She is a graduate from School of Crafts; Split. She currently works at her barber shop and professional model. She is beautiful and confident woman who actively practices her time in training from taekwondo, salsa and goes to the gym regularly. She is an animal lover and spends a lot of time with her dog. Daria wants to work towards making the lives of animals better by raising awareness about the animal cruelty in the world. She is strong, gorgeous and independent individual who works very hard to make her own standing in the society. She wants to use the platform of Miss Universe Croatia 2020 for experience and learning more about international beauty pageants. She would be a strong contender for the win because she is very optimistic and opinionated.



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Valentina Nežic

Valentina Nežic hails from Sesvete; is 23-years-old and stands 170cm tall. She has Graduated from the Crafts School for Personal Services in Zagreb; Cosmetology department and is fluent in English language. She is simple, realistic and communicative human. Valentia belongs to the category of people who are always ready for teamwork and are very optimistic in life. She likes to go to the gym after work because she feels happier after exercising and likes to transfer that mood to others. She would like to enroll in economics and build a career with new knowledge. She is passionate about beauty pageants as she is would like to gain experience and knowledge about the beauty pageants for her future. She is strong because she is very proud of her Croatian roots and would love to represent Croatia at Miss Universe 2020.



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Valentina Jelencic

Valentina Jelencic hails from Slatina; is 24-years-old and stands 176cm tall. She is a post-grad student of faculty of tourism and hospitality management. She is very fond of visiting different places and learning about their culture and traditions. Valentina is very proud of the finished music school where she played the piano and on the degree bachelor's degree of economics. She regularly practices at the gym and at cross fit training, while previously practicing handball. She is very fitness enthusiast and tries to eat clean and healthy. She wants to use the platform to advocate about self-love and self-acceptance. She has been around people especially women who let the toxicity get to them but she wants them to not pay attention to the people who give out the toxic vibes and be around people who are supportive and motivational. “Don't let your dreams be dreams” is the moto she lives by.



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Katarina Klaric

Katarina Klaric hails from Zagreb; is 20-years-old and stands 174cm tall. She has graduated from Graz School of Economics and is fluent in German and English languages. She is passionate about fashion, makeup and beauty pageants. She likes to spend her time with family and friends to be more open about things in life. Katarina is preparing herself for the pageant with working on her body, communication and interview skills for the beauty pageant finale. She has an attractive face and beautiful hair that can help her win the pageant and represent Croatia at Miss Universe 2020.



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Iva-Mila Brigljevic

Iva-Mila Brigljevic hails from Petrinja and stands 175cm tall. She has studied at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb and is fluent in English, Czech, Turkish, German, Spanish foreign languages. Iva is very proud of the title of vice-champion Croatian Chess in the competition.  She still participates professionally in tournaments whenever she has the time. When she is not in college or participating in chess tournaments, Iva-Mila loves drawing and walking. She is beautiful and strong opinionated and believes that she has all the skills and abilities to represent Croatia at Miss Universe 2020.



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