Connie Jiménez of Ecuador eyeing the crown of Miss Universe 2016

04 Jan 2017 | Angelopedia

While the fans of this amazing delegate, Connie Jiménez of Ecuador, is excited about the pageant finale, the stunner is preparing hard to make her fans and country proud at the Miss Universe 2016 contest which will take place at Manila, Philippines, on 30th January’ 2017. Connie Jiménez is 21 years of age and has a wonderful personality, a natural charm, and a gorgeous beauty which is hard to ignore. Would she be able to fight the tough competition that will be posed from the international contenders during the coronation gala? We will soon find out!

Connie Jiménez of Ecuador eyeing the crown of Miss Universe 2016

The gorgeous stands at an astounding height of 5’ 9” and hails from Ventanas. The Agribusiness Engineer is ambitious and focused towards her work. She is known to be a fearless person with great leadership qualities. The beauty loves to spend time in the natural environment and is down to earth. She is not afraid of “working in the land wearing rubber boots full of mud and a sun hat,” according to her.
The beauty, who won many hearts by winning the Miss Ecuador beauty pageant, has continued to do so by supporting many families that have been affected by natural calamities. She helps the April Earthquake victims whole-heartedly. Besides volunteering for this purpose, the beauty is also involved with a Diabetes Organization called FUVIDA to create awareness about a healthy lifestyle and to help the people of Ecuador fight early deaths.
The stunner has also carried forward Pia’s advocacy by helpinga at the Mariana De Jesús Hospital, for the prevention of new-borns catching the HIV infection. The courageous woman wants to show the world that strength and true determination is enough to achieve the impossible. The beauty who wants to encourage people to produce organic food once she becomes Miss Universe is awaiting the coronation event where she is sure to go far. What do you guys say?

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