Hungarian beauty Jázmin Viktória Elizabeth opens up about Zara dress controversy at Miss Universe 2021

15 Feb 2022 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Universe Hungary 2021 Jázmin Viktória Elizabeth represented her country at the recently held Miss Universe 2021 in Turkey. At the finale, she faced serious backlash for wearing a Zara dress. Although, Jázmin was supposed to originally wear a dress designed by Richard Alexander Atelier, she could not as the designer could not enter the country due to the pandemic.

While the dress could have been sent to Israel, Elizabeth’s three-piece creation also had to be altered to fit the contestant. Therefore, Viktória had no choice but to order a Zara dress online. Recently, Jázmin talked to a local press about the challenges and how she felt about the unfortunate situation.


Hungarian beauty Jázmin Viktória Elizabeth opens up about Zara dress controversy at Miss Universe 2021


Elizabeth revealed that she should not even talk about what had happened because her contract included a clause that forbade her from talking about the organising of the competition. She could even lose her title and her crown but now she wants to speak up and let people know what had actually happened.

“I couldn’t speak, and it’s like they have their finger at your neck, and they’re always pushing you down. It’s a terrible feeling when I really put in 200%, I was just trying to represent a country,” she said.

While other delegates had a team, make-up artists, stylists, Jázmin had to take care of everything. The national organisers had only bought her plane ticket, but all other costs, including paying for the luggage, was her issue to deal with. She signed up for the competition a day before and was crowned Miss Universe Hungary the following day.

Elizabeth only had three weeks to prepare for Miss Universe 2021. After the incident, the model says that nobody respects her now. She chose and bought a Zara dress as the last resort. Elizabeth wanted to give up and not participate, but the organisers insisted that she take part in the contest. Jázmin now wishes to speak up about the issue so that others don’t have to go through the circumstances.