Miss Universe Ireland 2018 Top 5 Hot Picks by Angelopedia

02 Aug 2018 | Angelique Reyes

The Miss Universe Ireland 2018 coronation night is scheduled for Thursday, 2nd August 2018 at The Round Room at the Mansion House, Dublin, Ireland and will commence at 18:00 hrs (UTC+01). At the finale of the event Miss Universe Ireland 2017 Cailín Toíbín will crown her successor who will then represent Ireland at the Miss Universe 2018 pageant on 16th December 2018 in Thailand.

But before the finale, we have handpicked the five contestants that have caught our eye and seem like the promising next Miss Universe Ireland 2018. Miss Universe Ireland organization has explained in detail the hopes and ambitions of the finalists on their social media accounts and thus we quote them, to explain in the best way possible, why these finalists deserve the crown.

So, we present to you the Miss Universe Ireland 2018 Top 5 Hot Picks by Angelopedia.

Aishah Akorede

Aishah’s path to the Miss Universe Ireland competition was not an easy one, but she has overcome bullying and low self-esteem to become a Juice Plus Brand Ambassador and have a YouTube channel. Aishah is a bit of a daredevil, in a cautious way. She once went paintballing with only a protective helmet, but hid most of the game to avoid being hit. She loves anime and cannot understand the stigma against females liking it. Inspired by her scientist mother who relied on her own inner strength and courage to succeed, Aishah dreams of becoming a barrister and work with organisations like Soroptimist Ireland to empower other women and help them reach their full potential. She wants to end bullying once and for all.


Miss Universe Ireland 2018 Top 5 Hot Picks by Angelopedia


Aoife Ruttledge

Aoife is currently a student studying International Commerce through French and works as a model. She dreams of using her degree to become an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Working as a model, Aoife had to beat Koumpounophobia – fear of buttons! She may have disliked buttons, but public speaking does not faze her at all. She participated in several English and Irish debates and speaking events while in school. She enjoys the challenge of understanding an audience and finding a way to communicate and engage with them. As an aspiring business woman, Aoife fights for gender equality and for the empowerment of women in business. When a friend asked if she was worried if the bikini portion of the Miss Universe competition would impact her future, Aoife became even more determined to prove that being body positive should not hold a woman back, particularly in a male dominant industry.


Miss Universe Ireland 2018 Top 5 Hot Picks by Angelopedia


Chloe Oloughlin

Chloe has high ambitions. The computer science student and competitive horse rider hopes to be the CEO of a technology company one day. Chloe is used to leadership roles. She was a member of her student council and 1st in the Punchestown Show Jumping Competition. In addition to being confident and hardworking, Chloe is a caring individual. After Harolds Cross Hospice assisted her grandfather as he battled cancer, she came up with a way to raise money for the charity. She turned her house into a Haunted House for Halloween, complete with music, blow-ups, people in costumes, and a person watching over a mystic ball!


Miss Universe Ireland 2018 Top 5 Hot Picks by Angelopedia


Elana Rose Archer

Elana co-founded Tough Glove Boxing, which focuses on helping people get fit while learning self-defence. She is concerned that the rise of social media leads to false perceptions, which in turn generates anxiety, depression, and poor body positivity. She hopes to use her company and her influence in the health/fitness industry to help other women be happy and confident in their own bodies. While she wants people to take social media less seriously, she recognizes its power and thus promotes healthy body images on her accounts. She also uses it to share her own bravery like when she picked a trip location at random by pointing her finger on a map. Elana wants to work with Jigsaw the National Centre for Youth Mental Health to help young people reduce the strain of mental health struggles. The Irish Cancer Society and Simon Communities Ireland are also dear to her heart.


Miss Universe Ireland 2018 Top 5 Hot Picks by Angelopedia


Michaela Ohara

Michaela believes in the power of women and their ability to balance femininity with strength and confidence. She studied art history at University College Dublin, then art in Florence, Italy. It was in Italy that she noticed men painted most of the pieces featuring women. She began to paint her own artwork and found it powerful and inspiring to embrace the female body, not as a sex symbol, but as a beautiful, multi-dimensional figure. Michaela believes some women feel ashamed to dress a certain way because society interprets feminine clothing and makeup as vacant pursuits. However, she feels strongly that everyone should be able to express their gender equality and not feel as if they need to sacrifice something to be taken seriously. She hopes to sell her art throughout Ireland and abroad and use it as a method to communicate this message across languages and nationalities.


Miss Universe Ireland 2018 Top 5 Hot Picks by Angelopedia

(Photo Credits: Miss Universe Ireland Facebook Official)