Miss Universe Malaysia 2018 Question and Answer Round of Top 4 Finalists

12 Jan 2018 | Angelique Reyes

The arresting coronation night of Miss Universe Malaysia 2018 culminated with the crowning of Jane Teoh Jun from Penang. Before she was crowned, the beautiful ladies in Top 4 faced the famous Question and Answer round where they were adjudged on the basis of their intellect and communication skills.

The hosts asked the girls a common question and while one answered, the other girls wore headphones to keep the competition fair for all. The common question asked was, “Should you win tonight, how you would like to be remembered at the end of your reign. What legacy would you like to leave behind?”

Though the winner can be only one, all the Top 4 girls gave whip-smart answers. Here are the answers that the candidates gave –

First to answer was Liliana Fernandez and she said, “If I win the crown tonight, I would like to be remembered as someone who accepts herself, someone who has the confidence, someone who accepts her own body and I believe that I want to inspire young women out there to do the same. To bring the best potential out of themselves and I believe I want to be remembered as someone who is very approachable, friendly and genuine.”


Miss Universe Malaysia 2018 Question and Answer Round of Top 4 Finalists


Second to come for answering was Jasebel Robert. She said, “If I would win Miss Universe Malaysia 2018, I want to be the Miss Universe Malaysia who gets placed in Miss Universe competition after 1970. I want to make Malaysia proud; I think the Miss Universe Malaysia organization has put in enough hard work to be recognized internationally and I would want to be a Miss Universe Malaysia that gets placed internationally.”

Third to be called was Alexis SueAnn and she said, “I think I would like people to remember me by three words, ‘Brave, Humble and definitely Real’.  Brave because in whatever challenges that I do, I do my best and I would definitely do my best to make Malaysia proud. Humble because I always remember my roots. I know where I started and I know what I have done to get this far. Most importantly to be real because I want to inspire others that you don’t have to perfect, you just have to be yourself.”

Last to answer was the winner of the night, Jane Teoh Jun who answered, “If I would win tonight, I want to be remembered as a woman of transformation and as someone who’s loving, friendly and relatable. The legacy I want to leave behind would be my philanthropic work and also my contribution to eradicating social issues.”