Miss Universe Malaysia 2021 Wishlist: Joanna Joseph

12 Apr 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Miss Universe Malaysia will be hosting a coronation ceremony for Miss Universe Malaysia 2021 soon where potential delegates from all over the country will compete for the national crown and earn the opportunity to represent Malaysia at Miss Universe 2021.

The National Auditions were held on 10th and 11th April 2021 at Myeg Tower, Level 43A Auditorium, Empire City, Damansara where divas participated to get selected for the competition, and Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 Francisca Luhong James was also a part of the auditioning process as she helped in boosting the confidence of the divas. One of the divas who has caught everyone’s attention is Joanna Joseph as she seems like a potential candidate to represent Malaysia at Miss Universe 2021.



Hailing from Klang, Joanna is 24-years-old and stands 180 cm tall. Joanna is a potential candidate to represent Malaysia at Miss Universe 2021 because the diva is not only a living example of inspiration but also a strong, confident, and determined woman. She is a motivational speaker when it comes to mental health and weight loss.

The diva’s life struggle came into the light when she shared that while growing up, she was bullied and teased by schoolmates and family members for being fat and one day the beauty queen decided to lose weight and gave herself a challenge. She was determined with her goals and because of the determination and dedication, she not only lost a significant amount of weight but also emerged as a successful model and actress. She shares about her journey on social media, "Always would like to remind my ladies out there to love yourselves and never put yourselves down in any way. We are all unique in our different ways and there is only one person that can be you which is YOU.”

 Joanna is not new to the world of a beauty pageant as she won Miss Selangor Earth 2016 and was adjudged as the second runner-up at Miss India Worldwide 2018. She is confident, focused, and determined to get selected and perform her best at the competition to represent Malaysia at Miss Universe 2021. She explained that she has always aspired to be a beauty queen and now with a platform and a vision, she would like to use the chance to help young girls and women out there to accept themselves as they are and switch to a healthy lifestyle. She mentioned, “At the end of the day, it’s not just the face or body, I believe it’s who you are as a woman, and how your story can make a change in the lives of many.”



The diva who has worked hard and is constantly working hard to achieve her goals seems like a potential candidate to represent the country at Miss Universe 2021. The pageant fanatics believe that her story could be inspiring to millions and would help the people in accepting themselves as they are. Joanna stated, “The people we surround ourselves with either raise or lower our standards. They either help us to become the best version of ourselves or encourage us to become lesser versions of ourselves.”

If Joanna gets selected for Miss Universe Malaysia 2021 competition, she will be one of the strongest contenders for the title as she is experienced and is well equipped with the knowledge related to fashion and lifestyle. She is grateful for the opportunities she has got which have helped her to gain confidence, recognition, and experience.