Miss Universe Malta 2017 Tiffany Pisani talks about her future plans & past experiences

08 Aug 2017 | Angelopedia

The magnificent finale of Miss Universe Malta 2017 concluded with the crowning of British-Maltese model, Tiffany Pisani, as the winner. Tiffany will now represent Malta at the Miss Universe 2017 pageant.

Tiffany is not just a beautiful face but also a powerhouse of talent. This is not the first time that the limelight has been cast on the beauty. In the year 2010, she also won the TV competition, Britain’s Next Top Model, after which she entered into the glamour world of modelling.

Talking about her experiences, she said, “In my career as a model, I have had to do many different things; I have had to do shoots in [temperatures of] 20°C, I've had to be up at all hours of the night, and a lot of people remember me for having all of my hair cut off. Now it's long again, but it took quite a few years to grow it out again."

“Travelling has definitely changed me a lot as a person; it has made me a lot more independent and stronger, and it has made me grow a thicker skin because this is not an easy industry whatsoever. It's very tiring, but it has its plus sides as well."


Miss Universe Malta 2017 Tiffany Pisani talks about her future plans & past experiences


Pisani went on to speak about her profession as a DJ, which she has been doing for three years. “I play all different types of music both locally and abroad. I love to make people dance; it really makes me feel good about myself, putting smiles on other people's faces.”

The beauty then opened about her experiences with bullying, especially linked to modelling life, which she said she luckily got through. She added that her message for those going through a similar experience was to “not take it too harshly, even though it's easier said than done when you're young.”

“I would encourage people to do what they want to do and follow their dreams because it can happen if you believe in it.” She ended.

Moving on to why she would like to compete in the contest, Pisani said, “First of all, I don't know anybody who wouldn't want to be Miss Universe, and I think it is a big title and a big responsibility to hold.”

All the luck to the beauty for the international title of Miss Universe, may she win the crown for her country. What do you think about the beautiful Tiffany Pisani?