Nepali beauties Anshika Sharma and Pradeepta Adhikari talk about Miss Universe in a live session

25 Jan 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The first edition of Miss Universe Nepal under the directorship of Nagma Shrestha was held on 30th December 2020 where Anshika Sharma was crowned Miss Universe Nepal 2020. She was crowned by the director herself and succeeded Miss Universe Nepal 2019 Pradeepta Adhikari to represent Nepal at Miss Universe 2020.

Anshika has managed to impress everyone with her positive attitude, dedication towards the crown, and confidence towards performing her best on-stage. She recently hosted Miss Universe Nepal Pradeepta Adhikari on a live session and the two queens spoke about the various topic including the Pradeepta’s experience at Miss Universe 2019, representing Nepal on an international platform, and much more.


Nepali beauties Anshika Sharma and Pradeepta Adhikari talk about Miss Universe in a live session


Pradeepta mentioned that she is grateful that her journey as Miss Universe Nepal 2019 could help not only Anshika but all the aspiring models. She explained, “It is one of the most incredible journeys I’ve had. It makes you cross your breaking point as an individual because you work so hard and it also helps in breaking your own limitations and barriers. At the end of the day when you break them, you liberate yourself and see how much you can endure.” The diva complimented the Miss Universe Nepal 2020 Anshika Sharma that she is doing so great and hosting lives so soon in her journey.

Anshika asked the former queen about how she felt at Miss Universe 2019 after the first day of interaction with the organization and the divas. To which Pradeepta explained that the organization of Miss Universe is welcoming and appreciative towards every individual. She also mentioned that in beauty pageants, we get to meet with a lot of girls who are supportive towards you and they are just incredible as they motivate you to do better. Anshika shared her experience by describing it as one of the most memorable moment of her life.



Anshika later asked Pradeepta about her preparation towards Miss Universe 2019 and the former queen shared that she had to start everything from scratch as she had no idea on how to proceed because she was new to the beauty pageant world. The queen shared, “We might not be the country with a lot of sponsors but we are the country that never gives up.” She sounded so proud while replying to the question and added that she broke everything down and prepared for the competition. She shared that walking in a swimsuit was something she never thought she’d do but she did and that walk has liberated her and made her more confident. For the interview round, the former queen explained that one must be genuine and keep themselves updates about things that are happening around and should be able to express themselves on-stage.

Pradeepta was asked what would she change in her preparation for Miss Universe 2019 and she mentioned that she would have participated in a few beauty pageants before going for Miss Universe to gain experience. The divas further spoke about the challenges one face along with few things about the pandemic too. The diva spoke about Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray as well and shared how positive and inspiring she is. You can watch their live session here,