Miss Universe calling for Nadia Ferreira?

02 Jul 2020 | Camilla Suarez

The coronation ceremony for Miss Universe Paraguay 2020 will be held soon where the delegates will perform and compete for the national title and an opportunity to represent the country of Paraguay at Miss Universe 2020 stage. Miss Universe Paraguay 2019 Ketlin Lottermann will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

With a list of potential delegates being made, we stumbled across Nadia Ferreira from Villarica who is a successful international Paraguayan model seems like a potential delegate for representing the Paraguay at Miss Universe stage. She is very passionate about beauty pageants and feels like she has the skills and abilities to represent her country at international level.



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Nadia is 20-years-old and stands 175 cm tall. She is not new to pageantry as she participated at Miss Teen Universe 2014 as a representative of Paraguay in Guatemala where she was adjudged as the third runner-up at the end of the event finale. She is working as a professional model along with pursuing a degree in Commercial Engineering from Universidad Americana University. In one of her interviews she mentioned that she is focusing on her projects and her work and if Miss Universe happens in the middle of it, she’d be honored to represent her country at such prestigious stage.

Even though she has walked on-stage for some of the famous designers and brands across the world, she does not forget her roots and her Paraguayan blood, she relates that despite living four years ago in Asunción, she still loves her native Villarrica. “Since I was little, I always wanted to be a model; I loved just imagining being a model,” Nadia commented. Nadia was 13-years-old when she entered the world of modeling in Ciudad del Este under a contract and the diva hasn’t looked back since.

“A moment that marked my life without a doubt was to represent my country in the Miss Teen Universe”, she recounts. She also explained that representing the people and traditions of Paraguay at an international level made her fall in love with her culture all over again. Post her win at Miss Teen Universe 2014, she received a proposal from Telefuturo for a program called ‘Parodiando’ after which she became more confident and stronger with her performance.



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Nadia is currently represented by Maniquies Management which has helped her to gain experience and intensive knowledge about beauty pageants along with making her comfortable on-screen. She is strong, beautiful, and determined with her goals and can be a strong contender for competing at Miss Universe stage. She is very careful of her health and fitness and spends her time working out, eating healthy food, working on her walk, body poses, body angles, and communication skills. Since she travels all over the world, she is use to meet a lot of people and she likes to interact with them and know their stories as she believes that it helps her to be a better person.

Nadia can be a strong and potential candidate to represent Paraguay at Miss Universe stage if she decides to participate. She has beautiful features and her charming personality adds more to her advantage. Her social media is full of her beautiful pictures.