Miss Universe queens Zozibini Tunzi and Pia Wurtzbach host a live session about being an ally for the LGBTQ community

02 Jul 2020 | Ana Walia

The world is under a pandemic scare and trying to cope up with the setbacks that comes along according to their own understanding. The beauty queens who are not only role models to thousands of people out there but are also socially responsible to step up and encourage their followers to do the right thing. Our beauty queens are practicing social distancing and working on their advocacies as well via internet. Using the power of technology, the queens have decided to unite as one and help everyone fight with the pandemic under #UniverseUnited. Even though in some areas the lockdown has been uplifted but the scare isn’t.

Amidst the scare; June is the month of Pride where the people from LGBTQ community celebrate their freedom and happiness in several different ways. Across the globe, various events are held during this special month as a way of recognizing the influence LGBTQ people have had around the world. In the beauty pageant world, the pride month is celebrated with the same enthusiasm. Miss Universe Spain 2018 Ángela Ponce Camacho created history as she was the first openly transgender contestant competing for the title.

In reference to the pride month, Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi hosted Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach for a quick live session on 30th June 2020 i.e., the last day of the Pride Month. The divas discussed about how they both have adjusted to the ‘new normal’ now which is to hang out and works via live and online meetings. Zozi mentioned that someone asked her about what if this is the new  normal and we don’t go back to normal and Zozi stated that’s she doesn’t know how to feel about it because she loves human contact and likes to meet and talk to people in person but she also mentioned that these live sessions have been productive and helpful. Pia also mentioned that the laws are still strict in the Philippines and that she is amazed to know that one can be productive while staying at home as well.



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Zozibini thanked Pia for taking out the time and coming back to chat with her because she mentioned that Pia was one of the first persons, she started her live sessions with and it’s good to have her back. Zozi mentioned that with the Pride Month almost at it ends, she feels that the discussion about how it is necessary for them to voice their opinions and voice out for the ones who need it the most. She stated that people should understand that if something is not happening to them doesn’t mean that it’s not happening. Zozi asked Pia on why does she feel that she must be ally for the LGBTQ+ community?

Pia shares her story by stating that her entire family lives in the UK and her ancestors have been a part of the LGBTQ community and they have raised her in that way. People around her from the pageant community as well as the LGBTQ community were so welcoming, supportive, and motivating towards her which is why she feels that she should be an ally to them whenever they need her. Whereas Zozi who stands up for the advocacy of gender equality and human rights states that she is all about acceptance and equality which is why she is amazed when someone talks about human rights people assume that they are asking for special rights but all they want is their basic rights and one should also think about the rights for the LGBTQ community as well.

The diva also mentioned that she feels that her relationship with the LGBTQ community has grown because most of the fans of Miss Universe recognize themselves from the same community and she feels that it’s all the love and support from them which has made her even more connected to them. Zozi asked Pia about her social work as well to which Pia replied that she is working with various organizations and she likes to work like that which includes social work for the LGBTQ community, awareness about HIV and a special one is Love Yourself and she mentioned that she is proud of the community that organization has grown into.

Zozi asked Pia about her feeling when Miss Universe Spain 2018 Ángela Ponce Camacho who was the first openly transgender delegate at Miss Universe stage appeared on stage. Pia answered that she watched her live on-stage and she wasn’t aware that the Miss Universe organization will give her the moment. She further added that when she appeared on-stage there was an audio that was playing at the back and then she saw her waving the flag left and right and then Angela saw Pia and waved back at her. Pia stated that she was the happiest person in the that room because that felt like a victory to her. Where as Zozi mentioned that she watched the live on-screen from her home and she was crying her eyes out because Angela’s words engraved in her. Angela stated that it doesn’t matter if she wins or not what matters to her that she is there in that moment.

The divas chatted more about how they’d feel if someone from their family would come and tell them that they recognize as someone from the LGBTQ community. Pia mentioned that she spoke to some of the trans women she knows and she feels really honored that she is at a position where she can talk to them and help them get recognized, accept, and love because that’s all they want. She mentioned that there is so much more than we know now about the community and Zozi added that being aware and bringing awareness in the community is one of the essential ways one can be an ally to the LGBTQ community.

You can watch and listen to their entire live session here below:



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