Rachel Peters having fun in Siargao with Miss Universe Delegates

13 Dec 2017 | Srishti Jain

As beautifully put into words, “Friends who travel together, stay together,” Miss Universe 2017 candidates proved it rightfully so by taking a trip to the Philippines along with the reigning Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel Peters and Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere who were on a four day tour to support the Philippines’ ‘Bring Home a Friend’ Campaign. Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters welcomed her fellow contestants with a warm heart in her home country and made them feel at home.

The two Miss Universe queens along with the other delegates visited the country to support the Department of Tourism and other charity projects. On December 8, they went around Bohol, Batanes, and Camiguin Island as part of DOT's “Bring Home a Friend" program.

It seemed like the girls could not have enough of the Philippines’ exotic islands and decided to extend their tour, accompanied by the beautiful Filipino queen Rachel Peters. Rachel took the girls on a tour to her ‘Happy Place’, Siargao Islands.

The girls to accompany her on this journey were Lauren Howe (Canada), Samantha Katie James (Malaysia), and Kara Deidra McCullough (USA). The girls were seen hanging out in the beach where adorning beautiful swimwear. Rachel looked exquisite in black bikini.


Rachel Peters having fun in Siargao with Miss Universe Delegates


She has such immense love for the place that she opened a cafe named ‘Bake’ for all the lovers of coffee, beach and surfing, just like her. “If I had to pick my favorite place in the whole Philippines, it would without a doubt be Siargao Island,” Rachel said in a video uploaded by the fashion magazine Preview on YouTube. She took the girls to her cafe for a treat. On her vacation, she made a new friend Henry with whom she posted various pictures on her Instagram. For all of you wondering, Henry is a dog by the way!

With all the gained tan and hospitality, Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 Samantha thanked her fellow delegates for hosting her stay at Siargao. She wrote on Instagram, "Chillin at Bake Siargao, and Thanks Rachel Peters for the amazing time here!!! The island is almost untouched, super beautiful and the waves are perfect for surfing."

Earlier few girls flew Camiguin Islands as well, where they were beyond fascinated by the intricate details and the history of the process of making of the Camiguin Jewellery, vowing their complete support to the makers. Later, they visited Bohol where they were extended a warm welcome to the Bohol Beach Club and got a chance to see tarsiers and visit the Chocolate factory.