Will Victoria Velasquez Vincent’s fresh face factor refresh Philippines’ chances at Miss Universe 2021?

26 May 2021 | Angelique Reyes

After Philippines’ successful stint at Miss Universe 2020 with Rabiya Mateo, the Miss Universe Philippines organization is all set to appoint its new queen to represent the country at the upcoming 70th Miss Universe to be held in Costa Rica later this year.

A lot of names have been brewing around as potential candidates for the title, but a new girl in town is now making waves in the world of pageantry. Victoria Velasquez Vincent is emerging as one of the most wished contestant to uphold the name of Philippines at the Miss Universe stage for this edition.



Fresh faces like Victoria’s always bring an element of excitement and tend to give pageants more boost as it creates a sense of anonymity in the competition. The performances of these contestants are unpredictable and create a lot of hype among pageant followers.

25-year-old Victoria stands 175 cm tall and is of a Filipino-Spanish-Irish heritage. Although she was born and raised in New Zealand, her heart has always found a home in the Philippines. She has recently relocated in the Philippines in pursuit of a purpose.

Victoria has completed a double Master’s degree in Architecture and Heritage Conservation at the University of Auckland and she hopes to put them both to use here in the Philippines - particularly to design low-cost, sustainable housing for underprivileged communities.



She describes herself as a natural born creative, a visionary, and a lover of travel. She loves to explore different parts of the Philippines’ islands. With her passion for art and photography, Filipino culture and history, she hopes to showcase to the Filipino people and those around the world how innately full of wonder our country is, through various artistic mediums.

Victoria recently posted on her Instagram with a caption that says, “Victorious” and a hashtag ‘#univvverse, where the triple V stands for the initials of her name, hinting her participation for the title of Miss Universe Philippines 2021. If she will submit her application, Philippines will definitely have a very strong candidate for Miss Universe 2021. She comes across as someone to watch out for in the coming months.