Russia’s Alina Sanko unveils the finale evening gown for Miss Universe 2020

28 Apr 2021 | Ana Walia

At the online press conference held on 27th April 2021, Miss Universe Russia 2020 Alina Sanko talked about her preparation for the 69th edition of Miss Universe which is scheduled for 16th May 2021 in the United States along with discussing about her national costume and final gown. During the press conference, Miss Universe Russia 2020 Alina Sanko was accompanied by the national director Anastasia Belyak.

Alina was first asked about what changes she has seen almost two years after winning Miss Russia 2019, to which Alina replied, “Winning Miss Russia was one of the brightest events in my life and I still remember it feeling like I was in a fairytale or as if in a dream and of course from that moment on my life the events have changed, but the most important thing for me is probably this that I have become more involved in important charitable projects. These projects are important and valuable in my life because a person who even before the competition took part in such charitable projects, this platform means so much.”

She further added, “Miss Russia allowed me to further develop my project to conduct master classes to read fairy tales, and probably this is the most important thing.”



Alina later unveiled the stunning royal blue evening gown that she will be donning at the finale of Miss Universe 2020 which was designed by Alexandra Serova. Explaining the outfit, Alina mentioned that she feels confident in the dress and energetic. She wants to share the warmth of happiness and joy with everyone who supports her and motivates her to perform her best. After the competition, Alina aspires to get back to her studies and enroll in Moscow State University but for now, she is focusing on performing her best at Miss Universe 2020.

Alina further mentioned that fashion designer Gleb Vinokurov is the one who designed the dress for her when she participated at Miss World 2019 and showcased sketches of various dresses for Miss Universe 2020 and as soon as she saw one of the sketches, she just knew that it would be a perfect national costume for her. The beauty queen mentioned that they have moved a little from the traditional costume and it is a very cool costume that has a folk costume vibe to it along with showcasing the richness of Russia. The director mentioned that the national costume will be unveiled soon.



Alina also said that she is someone who has always tried to occupy the time correctly and after winning, she started events and donated to the charities she believes in and now preparing for Miss Universe 2020 for which she had to sacrifice her studies but she is getting ready to represent her country at international competition and will get back to her studies soon. She is focusing on her walk, speaking skills, and finessing all the skills required for the competition.

Anastasia added that she is grateful that the Miss Universe organization has managed to conduct a live show where the audience would be able to witness everything. She urged the people to vote for Miss Universe Russia 2020 Alina Sanko on the Miss Universe application which will increase her chances to enter the Top 21.