Miss Universe Spain 2018 Angela Ponce appeals for respect amidst attack on her sexuality

11 Oct 2018 | Irina Silva

After numerous allegations and criticism threw at her for being the first transsexual participant in Miss Universe, Miss Universe Spain 2018 Angela Ponce has spoken out on the issue of Miss Universe Colombia 2018 Valeria Morales claiming that the pageant is ‘for women who are born women’.


Miss Universe Spain 2018 Angela Ponce appeals for respect amidst attack on her sexuality


The newly crowned Miss Universe Colombia 2018 Valeria Morales spoke about this issue as she claimed that beauty pageants like Miss Universe are for women who are born women and she believes that for her it will also be a disadvantage, and so she will have to respect it but not agree with it.


Miss Universe Spain 2018 Angela Ponce appeals for respect amidst attack on her sexuality


Angela Ponce finally spoke about the remarks as she appealed for respect for both herself and her competitor who was heavily bashed for her criticism about the Spanish delegate. Angela took to her social media where she posted, “I have never wanted to speak about the statements of Miss Colombia 2018 about my participation in Miss Universe, but I see news, videos and photos where they use clippings from previous interviews with the headline ‘Ángela Ponce responds to Miss Colombia’ without being true. My opinion on this subject is that I respect that is your opinion, but I do not want to reach Miss Universe with any prejudice towards her or any other partner, I want to live a beautiful experience and if she wants to know me, just as I want to know her.”

She went on to add, “I will never try to change your opinion because that is not my function. My purpose is to make my reality known and to speak to the world a little about the education in the diversity that is so scarce, an important factor and that without a doubt would end with so much bullying, prejudices and violence. I ask respect, both for my partner Valeria Morales as for me.”

Angela is also very proud to know that her participation in the Miss Universe is starting conversations that can bring visible changes in society –



Tener la visibilidad que he conseguido gracias a la corona que llevo como Miss Universo España ha llenado mi vida de oportunidades maravillosas. Entre las más importantes para mi es poner el foco en las realidades de una comunidad que aún es poco visible. Me siento muy orgullosa saber que mi participación en el Miss Universo esté empezando conversaciones que puedan traer cambios visibles en la sociedad. Mi propósito es participar activamente hasta conseguir ese cambio que tanto anhelo en el mundo. Lograr que haya respeto, igualdad e inclusión por medio de la educación y concienciación. Quiero ser un referente tanto para mi colectivo, como para todas las mujeres. Estoy agradecida por oportunidades como estas en las que puedo poner mi granito de arena. Llevar mi mensaje al Senado de España es hacer visible una realidad que muchos desconocen. Hoy, no solo soy Miss España, sino también la voz de una comunidad que no siempre ha sido escuchada. Le doy las gracias nuevamente a la senadora @maria_jose_lopez_santana por escucharme y apoyarme dándome la oportunidad de difundir mi mensaje.

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With this message on social media, Ponce has strengthened her position against those who do not think she should compete at the international beauty contest. With Miss Universe just two months away, Angela hopes that the criticism thrown in her direction would eventually lead to stronger and wiser conversations about her sexuality and people would know better.