Miss Austria 2018 Daniela Zivkov has been dethroned

11 Oct 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Austria 2018 Daniela Zivkov has been dethroned for having signed an advertising contract with a non-partner company of the new national organization. She has been replaced by first runner-up Miss Austria 2018 Izabela Ion who was initially supposed to represent Austria in Miss Universe 2018.

Miss Austria 2018 held its grand coronation night on 1st September 2018 in Design Center Linz where Daniela Zivkov was crowned the new queen. Unfortunately, she has been dethroned for breaking contract obligations. The 21-year-old beauty queen is the first ever Miss Austria to be dethroned in the history of the pageant.


Miss Austria 2018 Daniela Zivkov has been dethroned


Daniela Zivkov also took to her social media to express her opinion in a post, "There is an upstanding license agreement between MAC and me. There was neither a written warning nor, as far as I know, any of the points of this license agreement. For me it seems now unfortunately so that I am in a private campaign of the MAC GF Jörg Rigger against his ex-wife Nicole Kern advised, as a licensee, the state OÔ for 2 years. I tried as best as possible to keep out of it, did not sign a note where I should be imposed a contact ban with the OÖ licensees (his ex-wife). Personally, I find it all very regrettable and I'm just horrified. I have put my training with the Federal Army in favor of the Miss Austria Year on hold and unfortunately so far only expenses (equipment Miss World I have paid from my own pocket) and not a single paid job since my title win a month ago. When I look at what the Missen have done in previous years and what opportunities they have got, it is just very very sad. When I went out privately I got unprofessional what's app messages from the MAC GF in the middle of the night where he wrote to me that all this has consequences.When I read this article in the morning, I was still speechless. I was ignored as MISS and now I am put up as a bad MISS. My winner prices eg car, I unfortunately did not get and is still with the sponsor. Saturday evening at 19 o'clock there was a conversation and I received 2 pieces of paper for signature without explanation and execution. Of course I did not sign this and now I had to see in the Frûh that the MAC management already assigned their page of the story to an Austrian medium Has Actually also terrifying that there seemingly unrecharchierte articles are printed without asking the other side."

Earlier this year, the Miss Austria Corporation gave up the franchises with Miss Earth and Miss Universe. Thus, Izabela Ion will now be the only official representative of Austria in the international pageant. Izabela is the 24-year-old beauty is definitely a strong choice for the coveted pageant.


Miss Austria 2018 Daniela Zivkov has been dethroned


Austria has won Miss World title twice till now; once in 1969, when Miss World Austria 1969 Eva Rueber-Staier won the international crown and once in 1987 when Ulla Weigerstorfer won Miss World 1987.

Amidst all the controversy surrounding the dethronement of Daniela Zivkov, Izabela Ion is surely going to face some pressure regarding her take on the decision.